What will you play in the weekend?


I was planning on playing Everspace this weekend… but I really suck at this game!

I may play Battletech instead.


Battletech - need to add more mechs to the collection
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Battletech has me going back to other tactical games and playing again
maybe some Age of Empires 2


This weekend it’ll again be Ultima VI with whatever time I can carve out.

Seriously, people go on so much about Ultima VII that I never gave this one much thought after impotently pining for it when it was released in '90. But it’s a great game, every bit worthy of the series, and another huge step in engine design. I’ve even come to like the combat.


After four weeks without playing anything - due to travel - I’m starting in again with something new and playing Destiny 2 from the latest Humble Monthly Bundle. Maybe pick up where I left off in Infra, too.


I think that I will play a little of Egypt: Old Kingdom, or the demo at any rate. Lots on the to do list for this long holiday weekend.


holy shit, good luck m8!


So I played a buttload of Mordor 2/Shadow of war, but I also decided to fire up 3030 Deathwar Redux-- pretty cool, lots of charm, and a fantastic soundtrack.


I had to put off everything else in my life for a week, but I managed to get through KOTOR2. The restored content mod really does make a tremendous difference. Since the whole story is about people trying to get some closure for what happened in the past, it’s been bothering me for 15 years that there were a bunch of loose ends that didn’t get tied up. Finally I get an ending where all the characters’ stories come together to a satisfying conclusion.

My new video card arrived, so I guess I’ll be rejoining the modern world, maybe with Battletech.


Battletech is very sweet but mos’ def a dad game. you need patience with that.


I started playing The Surge since I finished up Bloodbourne a couple weeks ago. So far it seems decent. Frame rate doesn’t seem as good as maybe it should be.


Spent a chunk of the weekend troubleshooting Skyrim SE and researching mods. The old version of SkyUI (ver 2.2) I was using started to cause lockups, possibly related to a recent game update. So I deleted it, and installed the latest versions of SKSE and SkyUI. The SE versions are still labeled as alphas, but everything worked well for the few hours I managed to play.


Played lots more Ultima VI.

I think the Ultimas (IV through VII, anyway) caught lightning in a bottle in the way they dispersed gameplay across numerous activities while maintaining a thematic/narrative unity to it all. That’s what any CRPG is supposed to do, really – merge combat, exploration, puzzles, inventory management, and narrative – but the Ultimas are particularly good at it. At any given time you may be doing very different things. There really is no ‘core game loop.’


A little of this:

A little of that:



Visiting the Family Back East - a semi-open world MMO. Good player community except for a couple of assholes.


For me, I’ve got work on the blog to do. I’m gonna do a series of this:

Revisit this so I can talk about the new expansion:

For myself, even with a massive wipe coming next week, I can only play more of this:

And I’m gonna try to get my Templar to level 15 in this so I can have two weapon sets, finally:

Plus some random time with some other Warhammer games due to the ongoing sale. Should be a great weekend. :)


oh man, so much good stuff to choose from. What I’ll be doing tho:


That looks awesome. But this weekend for me is attending one graduation party and paying for another. Man I’m old.


For a second there schurem I saw an F-8 Crusader in the upper left but then I knew it was just a Bug, so meh.


I’ll dig into the closed beta of The Crew 2.


That’s a very pretty Hornet, a level of pretty I 100% can’t access until graphics cards prices bottom out. Alas.