What will you play in the weekend?


I’m out of town tonight but can get in some time Saturday evening.


Looking forward to this weekend. Dead Cells, Hollow Knight and Destiny 2 will take up most of my time, but I’m also looking at the new Wario Ware and maybe playing around with the two new guys in SFV.

Awww yes.


Definitely up for some Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It’s been awhile. The Evo hype got me excited for that and Smash. Really looking forward to Smash Ultimate after all the news this past week.

Outside of that, I will play some more Fortnite and some more Super Nintendo/Super Famicom games on the Super Nt. I have Märchen Adventure Cotton 100% in the machine right now and plan to tinker with other recent acquisitions.


I will continue my love/hate relationship with Far Cry 2.


No Man’s Sky for sure.


Monster Hunter World and No Man’s Sky!

And maybe some Dead Cells.


Not gonna have a ton of time this weekend, so at the very least, this for the blog:

and this:

If I have time for myself, which is questionable, I’ll likely spend some time with this:

or maybe this, since I need to get better at it:


Still Nioh for me. One more DLC region left to finish this playthrough. Then I’ll take a break until I’m ready for the NG++ modes, and start up Monster Hunter.


Yay weekend, and it should be a busy one. For the blog, by request, I’ll be playing:

Plus try to get some time with:

For myself, definitely some time with:

Should be a great weekend!


I have been playing it for a couple of hours, and this thing is terrific — at least the first few hours are ;)


I will probably be playing some Battletech, World of Warcraft, and Hyrule Warriors (guilty pleasure) 😉.

Just started a new character in WoW and I’ve been enjoying zoning out doing the early questing.


I won’t have anytime this weekend, but I am jumping back into Borderlands 2.


Yes, I’m very excited to try it, especially conquest mode.


Yakuza 0 mostly, I expect. I’m having a fantastic time with it. So good.

If I find the time, I might also play a bit of No Man’s Sky and Monster Hunter World. And maybe Phantom Doctrine. We’ll see.


I love Hyrule Warriors sooooo much. Not a guilty pleasure in my book. ;)


Seven The Days Long Gone is on sale, I’m going to try the demo this weekend.


Warframe. Been building a couple of new frames, one of which will finish tonight and the other tomorrow. I’ll spend some time playing around with them, which in turn should also give me enough mastery xp to rank up.

Probably more time in ETS2 as well, and maybe a racing game TBD.


I picked it up this week to play co-op with my partner’s little sister who was staying with us. I’m surprised how much I’ve been liking it because people talk bad about it so much.


I’ve played through most of it (in the Wii U) with my kid in coop and we both had a blast. I love it, but then again, I tend to like Musou games, so that helps. ;)


Starglider, now that’s a game I haven’t heard in a long time. I spent a whole lot of hours playing that back in the day. Awesome game for the time. Does it still hold up gameplay wise?