What will you play in the weekend?


Welcome to the PNW! It’s wintertime.


But the sun is out right now (in my Portland neighborhood), and I’ve got the day off. I should go take my walk while the gettin’s good.

Weekend gaming-wise it occurred to me that I should maybe also go back to Shadow of War.


I would be curious to hear impressions about this. I’ve got it installed but I feel like I need to wrap up a couple other games before I go starting a new one.


Betas and demos for me this weekend: Blackout, Forza Horizon 4, Trials Rising, and Insurgency: Sandstorm.


Definitely will log in and do some world quests in WoW. Perhaps work on leveling my Paladin.

Other than that, I’m in an rts mood so likely some AoE2.


That sounds terrifying!! Now I’m all scared.

Watched 10 minutes and stopped it to not spoil it further: that looks brilliant!


It really is. The classes are different and each can be leveled up.


I wasn’t going to because I never played through ToEE yet. I typically don’t mod much and when I do it’s after I’ve gone through vanilla. The Circle of Eight mod is pretty mandatory though I think.


I’m going to play some Destiny 2 and Dragon Quest XI.


It was over 20 years ago and a kid, so my memory is super hazy. I think there was a box, one of the quest riddle boxes that they (I can’t remember which of my brothers failed this, but as they are identical twins, it doesn’t matter) they couldnt figure out in chapter 3 (in think) and that area became inaccessible after chapter 6.




More Dragon Quest XI because it’s awesome. I finally got into Prey and I can’t believe it took me this long. After 5 or 6 hours, I can see why this is so well regarded.


I’m planning to dabble with Frozen Synapse 2 a fair bit, but also have a giant stack of Netrunner cards that need to be unboxed and organized for longer-term storage. Time will tell which option will win out.


More Spider-Man. More Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Still Nioh for me. Probably the last time, though – I’ve got around a half-dozen missions to go to finish Way of the Nioh (the highest NG+ mode), and then two or three random achievements to wrap up. After that all that’s left would be the 999 floors of The Abyss, and that’s not going to happen.


I’ll try to keep an eye out. But riddles, haha, I am so bad at those!


Has there been any more news on the future of Netrunnner?

/me heads off to the internetz


It’s formally dead in about a month. I was able to run over to FFG’s offices and get a copy of the last deluxe expansion this week, which I was missing, but I’ve got the last 28 card packs and two other deluxe expansions to unbox, sort and toss into binders. It’s a multi-day project to do properly.

There are a few cards FFG is expected to make available in printable form before the game’s death next month (cards designed by tournament winners, the community at Worlds 2018 last weekend and a 3v1 corp ID), but other than that the only possible future development of the game would come from a community-backed effort which has yet to materialize in anything beyond the planning stage.


Finishing up Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS. Great game but just trying to rush it along now so I can play all the other games in my backlog (like, I don’t know, DQ 5, 6, 7 and 9 and the other hundred or so JRPGs).


Probably do the final level of Ode, and clear my latest map in Homefront: Revolution.