What will you play in the weekend?


More Spider-Man. More Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Still Nioh for me. Probably the last time, though – I’ve got around a half-dozen missions to go to finish Way of the Nioh (the highest NG+ mode), and then two or three random achievements to wrap up. After that all that’s left would be the 999 floors of The Abyss, and that’s not going to happen.


I’ll try to keep an eye out. But riddles, haha, I am so bad at those!


Has there been any more news on the future of Netrunnner?

/me heads off to the internetz


It’s formally dead in about a month. I was able to run over to FFG’s offices and get a copy of the last deluxe expansion this week, which I was missing, but I’ve got the last 28 card packs and two other deluxe expansions to unbox, sort and toss into binders. It’s a multi-day project to do properly.

There are a few cards FFG is expected to make available in printable form before the game’s death next month (cards designed by tournament winners, the community at Worlds 2018 last weekend and a 3v1 corp ID), but other than that the only possible future development of the game would come from a community-backed effort which has yet to materialize in anything beyond the planning stage.


Finishing up Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS. Great game but just trying to rush it along now so I can play all the other games in my backlog (like, I don’t know, DQ 5, 6, 7 and 9 and the other hundred or so JRPGs).


Probably do the final level of Ode, and clear my latest map in Homefront: Revolution.


Aw, you stopped before the Xeobs / Knowles dungeon, where you get to take part in a bit of genocide. That’s fun. I can’t recall the town siege being particularly challenging, but it was a while ago admittedly. The final few dungeons I thought were a lot of fun, but the encounter rate does go up.

Me, I’m continuing my Shadows: Awakening playthrough because it’s still awesome. I had one moment of frustration trying to get past a puzzle boss-fight, but once I figured out what I was doing wrong it was easy. I also just got my Bards Tale IV key so soon I’ll have a dilemma: do I continue with Shadows: Awakening or try BT4? I hate abandoning a game that I’m really enjoying so I might have to resist the temptation. I have no earthly idea how @BrianRubin can possibly play so many games in the space of a weekend. :) I think two is my absolute limit if I want to do anything other than dabble.


I game like I’m at a buffet.


You mean you eat way too much sushi, pig out on dessert, and go home feeling ill? Or is that just me? :)




So, I installed Temple of Elemental Evil with the Temple+ mod and circle of Eight, but I am not 100% sure I am ready to jump into it.

Damn, why do I have so many party based RPGs to beat?

I also install The Incredible Adventures of Victor von Hellsing. It might be cool.


That’s where I stopped too. I don’t think I ever cleared the final double-boss bonus mission either. I was pretty tired of the game and I didn’t want to get sick of it.


Dang it! You pulled me back in. I was actually almost done with the orcs: the “event” stopped after I killed a couple more. They weren’t actually causing me any troubles, but the fights against those HP sponges were so longwinded (and frankly, not the game’s strongest suits) I was getting mentally tired, especially after the ghosts’ trial.
I made it to another dungeon which was nice although slightly annoying because I had to “push” around magic draining invisible enemies using a newly acquired pushing gauntlet. I made it to @krayzkrok’s aforementioned genocide bit… excepting I hadn’t be told that I were to be the genocided! The enemies are incredibly strong, they kill my whole party in a few hits, often destroying forever their only piece of armour. That last bit would be more tragic if I ever managed to survive a single encounter! But so far, the best I could achieve is to kill a single of any of the couple of opponents I met, before his binomial partner wiped the floor with us. Unlike the ghosts’ tower, there is no place to retreat and cheaply take advantage of the free camping. I even set the difficulty to wimpy out of despair, which didn’t do anything but hurt my ego even further.

I hadn’t started Krondor yet, as I was busy reading the manual. I just launched it and the transition from Westwood’s incredible cinematical pixel poetry to the… poorly digitzed pictures of the programmer’s friends in cheap disguise approach of Krondor proves to be quite an esthetical challenge. But beyond the silly makeup, the writing and overall atmosphere is very charming.

We played a bit of Door Kickers Action Squad coop yesterday as planned, and that was quite fun. I was the namesake door kicker, for @Chappers to fire his insane gibbering shotgun of splatters. Hilarity ensues.


Another day with Destiny 2. Trying to grind up light to have a stab at killing the first raid boss next week. But every powerfull upgrade I get seem to be same duplicate, the SINGLE heavy weapon that was introduced in this expansion.


The Incredible Adventures of Van Hellsing Final Cut has been both easier and more frustrating than other ARPGs. It looks like monsters don’t respawn, as they do in Titan Quest or Torchlight. Hopefully I am wrong about that.

Having a powerful spirit that can fight and grab loot is a nice perk and having only loot that I’d usable drop is a great perk, but I don’t understand the rage mechanic, and there is some discussion of whether the pacing and difficulty jumps around a lot. I will give it a few more hours but I am not sure if I will keep up with this game.

Oh well, I can always go back to Titan Quest


I would love to play Krondor for the first time, again. :) Enjoy!

Superb game.


hey you are playing something at least as good for the first time ;-) in 20 years you’ll be nostalgic for today!


I played some Don’t Sink this weekend AND recorded a Let’s Play video that may (if I can figure out some technical stuff) become the first video on my YouTube channel!

It’s 50% off on Steam for a couple more days. It’s a small game, but charming. If you’l like a Sid Meier’s Pirates! Lite, this might be the thing for you.



Currently playing Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. It’s so much better than the previous 2 Tomb Raider games. Having a really great time playing it :)