What will you play in the weekend?


A long weekend, should be a good one. For Space Game Junkie I need to cover:

Also I need to spend a lot more time with Starsector, since we’re having the dev on next week:

For myself, more time with:

Also been trying to grok this:

Overall, should be a dang fine weekend.


I’m gonna play some Crackdown 3, get my Terry Crews on!



Cranking through The Witcher 3, and perhaps logging in to Warframe some. (There seems to be more story afoot!)

Saturday is also monthly D&D night and the Pittsburgh auto show, and Sunday is some playtesting of my tabletop RPG project, so we’ll see how much gaming actually happens.


Monster Hunter World, mostly, though I may also do a little backlog diving if I have the time.


Monster Hunter World and Pillars of Eternity 2. Maybe a bit of Divinity Original Sin 2, Sunless Skies, and Sundered. But mostly those two, I wager.


I’ve got a bad head cold and I’m mildly feverish, so I’m playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. Seems like the best way for me to get over my issues with the questionable writing and fiddle around exploring the levels and shooting dopes.


I’ve had the flu during the last week, so basically I haven’t been doing much gaming. But hopefully some Crackdown 3 this weekend. I’ve also been reading George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood, which is way more compelling than I was expecting considering that it’s not a novel. But the guy still knows how to write, so it’s a great read so far.


I might play Pokemon Sun and resume the plot.


Far Cry weekend for me, gonna finish up 5 then roll right into New Dawn.




Traveling this weekend, so nothing possible except some Words on mobile. But when back home early next week I’ll have a free day or two, and expect to be fully invested in RimWorld and Grim Dawn.


Stars in Shadow.
Out of the Park Baseball Perfect Game.
Doing taxes.


In between bouts of Magic Arena, gonna keep trying to understand Apex Legends, and maybe finally finish off Shadow of Mordor.


Probably Dark Forces. Since my desktop PC died, I’m mostly limited to retro and/or extreme-indie games that can run on my $300 laptop. This is the one that has grabbed me most since I finished with Heroes of Might & Magic II.


Try Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Tribes of the East. It’s probably the best HoMM game since 3. Just make sure you get the stand alone expansion.


Some more Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (I don’t think I’ll go back to Unity after putting about 3 hours into it after Syndicate, which has much better pacing, better lead characters (Evie) and I’m loving the wide, filthy, streets of Victorian London); Another attempt at Monster Hunter World (not clicking for me after a couple of hours, but in fairness, I have played it only sporadically in short bursts); Resident Evil 2 if I can get my testes back out after the last time I played.

And if there’s time, sampling some Game Pass fare: Ori & The Blind Forest, Ashen, Shadow Complex and Wasteland 2.

But that’s really ambitious, even for a 3-day weekend.


Divinity Original Sin 2, Super Mega Baseball 2 and maybe some Civ Gathering Storm.


I’ll try to find out if Crackdown 3 is as bad as people say (so far: no), how Anthem (in the 10 hours trial) begins, and why people enjoy Apex Legends, but mainly I’ll just end up playing PUBG with my friends as usual.


Alliance of the Sacred Sun, with a little Gathering Storm thrown in.


I’m not familiar with Civ enough to know-- what is the unmentionable mod?


Speaking as someone with 100 hours in the game at this point, I’ll tell you, the first few hours of MHW suck. Make liberal use of the wiki (the game is lousy at explaining itself) and try a variety of weapons to see if you can find something you like. It’s worth pressing on for a few more fights, certainly, to see if it clicks. If not, then not. Personally I didn’t really fall for it til I brought down my first Anjanath (or Pinky the Flaming T-rex as I call him) but YMMV.