What will you play in the weekend?


Alliance of the Sacred Sun, with a little Gathering Storm thrown in.


I’m not familiar with Civ enough to know-- what is the unmentionable mod?


Speaking as someone with 100 hours in the game at this point, I’ll tell you, the first few hours of MHW suck. Make liberal use of the wiki (the game is lousy at explaining itself) and try a variety of weapons to see if you can find something you like. It’s worth pressing on for a few more fights, certainly, to see if it clicks. If not, then not. Personally I didn’t really fall for it til I brought down my first Anjanath (or Pinky the Flaming T-rex as I call him) but YMMV.


How playable is it? I thought whole systems were still missing.


I will keep that in mind, thanks.


[quote=“tylertoo, post:4115, topic:77222”]
How playable is it? I thought whole systems were still missing.
[/quote]What’s there is fascinating. Lots to figure out, lots to do. But yeah, there are whole systems that are not in yet. Like the military.


I bought Heroes V a long time ago. Thanks for the recommendation – good to know. Whether it will run on my laptop is another question. For now I think I’m a bit Hero’d out (I binged on HOMM 2 over the past few weeks) so a different genre might be more my speed.


Played some Railway Empire. Tomorrow we’re playing Twilight Imperium 4.


Pillars Of Eternity 2 !!! Enjoying some turn-based RPGing, how they were meant to be played :)


Spellforce 2. For the life of me I don’t know why. It is not a particularly good RPG nor is it a strong RTS, but the combination has got its hooks into me.

Dare I say it, it is…


They came out with an anniversary edition recently, didn’t they? Like with Titan Quest.


They did and I bought it from GOG when it recently was on sale.


I had the old version on steam, and it seems to have upgraded. I will try it out.


The public Trials Rising beta is up and ready, so I’ll be jumping into that one this weekend. Hopefully, it’s better than the bugged private beta last Fall.


Orald is spellforce 3 an improvement? Have you played that? cause 2 is some years old…


Probably just RimWorld - claws in deep. Maybe a bit of Grim Dawn base game.


Hmmmm, I’m probably going to work most of the time this weekend, but what gaming time I get will most likely be spent with Monster Hunter World, Yakuza Kiwami, and Pillars of Eternity 2.


I have not played Spellforce 3. And I’ve since put Spellforce 2 aside thanks to those CK2 enablers and my fickle gaming nature.


Wife will be out of town. I’ll be playing a lot of Monster Hunter World. I have 31 hours into the game, let’s see if I can finish it!


Oooooh boy. What was the last assignment you’ve played?