What will you play in the weekend?


I’ma get my government thug on and play some Division 2. And if I get bored with that maybe a little more Crackdown 3. And then there’s always Anthem!


I’ll be picking up Division 2 tonight, so I figure the weekend will be dedicated to that.

I was kinda maybe looking at the F-14 too, but then I saw $80, laughed ruefully, and closed that tab.*

*Edit: wandered over to NewEgg and picked up a Ryzen 7/MB/RAM combo for $300 instead


Does Tuesday count as the weekend? If so, I’ll be firing up Satisfactory again. Otherwise, the weekend is going to be Baking In Real Life, to a large degree.

I’ve decided that the next time I’m tempted by a DCS module, I’m going to buy a nice 500gb SSD for DCS to live on instead and spend some time playing the modules I already have.


This statement should be a Koan.


@Jason_McMaster made me buy The Division 2 against my will with money I was going to use to buy food to survive, so I hope it’s good. But if not I’m playing a whole bunch of Devil May Cry and Yakuza Kiwami.


Mostly Battle Brothers for me, though I might do a bit more Yakuza 0 if i get tired of dying all the time.


Well, Mike, if it makes you feel any better LK got me to load Division 1. I plan on trying to solo it a bit. You know —to get the story.

I will be playing Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (turn based) with a solid group as well.

I have all weekend free.


Gonna finish The Division 1’s story, then roll right into The Division 2.

Also look at this freaking wallpaper I found online!


That reminds me of that great opening in Fallout 3 --not as much the game but when the government got upset about it. Funny aside, the Feds didn’t like Bethesda making a burned out Washington.

This picture seems so much sunnier. LK you sure this game is post-apocalyptic?

Lots of god rays.


Good luck to Chappy. I will be trying to finish Kassandra’s main story line.


I’m going to cave and buy Total War: Warhammer 2 because $20 is a crazy good price point, even though I’ll gripe when it shows up in next month’s Humble Bundle reveal. Combined with WH1 (from a prior humble…) that means I can play the Mortal Empires campaign too. Whee!


For some reason it reminds me of Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Huh.


I’ll be leveling up in The Division 2, and play some good old Trials Evolution on PC (back when RedLynx knew how to make a functioning progression system).


I ended up playing a couple hours of The Division 1, and went back to Watch Dogs 2 for longer than that. The latter game was frustrating me for a bit by dropping me into weird PVP instances I never asked for, till I figured out how to turn that sh*t off.


For the first time in weeks, I’ll have a bunch of time to myself this weekend, so for Space Game Junkie, I have to first cover this:

Which I’m honestly not too excited about because the last time I tried it, it was a mess, and I’m not sure it reaching 1.0 fixed that. We’ll see I suppose. I’ll also try to cover games such as:

For myself, I hope to get more time with:

Because I need to build up to affording a jump drive.

Because the expansion is about to come out, and:

Because its big 2.0 patch isn’t too far away.

Should be a great weekend.


So… if all goes well, I hope to play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice the most. If I can’t for whatever reason, I might instead play Devil May Cry 5, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and The Caligula Effect: Overdose.


What would prevent you from playing Sekiro?


This weekend is all about Total War: Wahammer 2. I’m currently spending as much time watching videos of HOW to play as I am actually playing, but that’s cause I hate playing something for xxx hours only to find out I was doing something bone-headed all that time that could have saved me time/frustration/from losing.


My kid being around, for instance. I don’t play violent or otherwise adult games when he’s around, and it’s a small apartment.

Once he goes to sleep, I’m definitely playing Sekiro (or DMC 5). But with him awake and around, I might have to play something else. Hence the other options. ;)


Fair enough. I forget other people have spawned. Carry on. ;)