What will you play in the weekend?


We were a SNES family but that controller doesn’t have enough buttons for modern games. This could be an interesting choice for 2D games.


This is the right way to go. Factorio is a lot further along at this point, and well worth exhausting.


Isn’t Factorio nominally done? Released out of EA, I mean, not necessarily finished being post-release updated.


It is still technically at 0.17 - I don’t think they are declaring it ‘done’/out of EA until they change to 1.0 (which I think is the next release). That said, I don’t know if any ‘big’ features are left - it very well could just be continued clean-up at this point (their UI graphic update was glorious, personally).


Thanks - I guess I saw an announcement about “our next release is 1.0” and missed the “next” part. I haven’t been back in awhile, sounds like I should dive in again.


Funny. I did the same thing. Bought Satisfactory but haven’t even loaded it up yet because Factorio sank it’s hooks into me yet again.

By the dev’s definition? No. By any reasonable standard? Hell yes. It was an amazing game years ago and since then they have just kept polishing till it had a mirror finish. Let me temper expectations though if you have never played it - they are actively working on the newbie experience now including tutorials and the intro campaign. All of that polish I am talking about above is for after you know how to play. It’s just a deep game with an endless supply of things to learn.


Playing Astrox Imperium. A very impressive little space game that came out of nowhere.


Just got my black 8BitDo Genesis controller. Damn, did everyone have tiny hands back then?

I’ll probably try it out for La-Mulana 2… in about 3 months!


This weekend should be all about Sekiro and Grim Dawn. While I may play something else, I won’t plan anything - I’ll just go with the flow.

But mostly Sekiro and Grim Dawn. Yes.


Uhhhh… maybe? I think the size is about perfect, but I hold it differently than most people apparently. We just had a discussion about it over on RGB…




What is that, a controller for ants!


No, this is a controller for ants.


Ban that sick filth.


Busy this weekend so dabbling with something easy to jump into and out of: Into the Breach.

If there is a bigger pocket of time I may try the game setup tips on Stellaris. Realistically I won’t have time to sink into a deeper game until mid April.


Grim Dawn will have its hooks in me all weekend.


Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods, mostly.

But also will try to sneak in some more Diablo, DiRT Rally 2.0, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Crackdown 3 and Bloodborne: Old Hunters.


You hold the left side normal then?

Super weird but I’ll try it for the hell of it. Probably unnecessary for the games I want to play.


Yes. The left side is normal. I’ve been doing that since the NES era. I’ve always found it much easier for games that require you to hold a button and then push another like Super Mario Bros. and it was even better when the fighting games arrived with their six button layout and required three button Super moves.


I will continue to indulge my ultra-right fascist white power fantasies with The Division 2.

I might try to dip my toes into State of Decay 2’s new difficulty modes, too.


I think it’s going to be an all Ubi weekend for me - need to keep cranking on my grind to 30 in Division 2, but I think I’m also ready to jump into AC: Origins. What the heck, amirite?