What will you play in the weekend?


I will continue my return to Might and Magic VI in all its pixelly glory. It is a form of gaming comfort food.


Nobody wins at that game.







A good weekend!



…waiting for Anno, looking forward to Pathfinder: Kingmaker and therefore reading an eBook/PDF I bought from Paizo;
I have put Operencia and Might & Magic X on halt (for reasons…).


@lordkosc Did you play the the Hidden Ones DLC? I finished the main plot but have been mopping up interesting stuff from the main game before moving on.

So I’ll be playing AC: Origins this weekend for sure as well. Also probably something in co-op, maybe Grim Dawn? Maybe Borderlands 2?


Yep, completed the hidden ones dlc, you get a epic camel in the dlc. Best camel ever!
Also you and your allies feel more like Assassins in it.


I will hardly have time to play or be too doggone tired to do so when I can. Its my wifes’ and eldest birthdays this weekend.


I’ll be playing this:


While trying to navigate a galaxy nearly bursting at the seams with the likes of these guys:

And figuring out the best way to achieve victory for my organization by steering and manipulating these factions in directions that best benefit Drox objectives:


Who’re flying flags like these:



Shit yes.


Happy birthday to them!


Drox is so damn good.

Sounds good, looking forward to it.


Does it have guns? Then it’s not the best camel ever!


No guns. But the camel might have a hidden blade! ;)


And why the hell not? I mean, if you can have Kung Fu Panda, why not desert Ninja Camel?


I’ll probably get back to Pillars of Eternity on the weekend. Maybe.


Brian “Star General” really? Can you even get that anywhere? And wasn’t it a bit weird? And finally: I would LOVE to find it!


I am continuing my epic journey through the galaxy in Elite Dangerous. I’ll give Mutant Year Zero another shot; enjoying it, but I’ve hit a rock solid roadblock early in the game and I can’t believe it’s so ridiculously difficult. I may can it and instead move onto Pathway which I haven’t bought yet but I will, oh yes.


Digitally? No, sadly. I snagged a copy on ebay.


I love me a new multiplayer game, so Slapshot looks pretty nice. It’s free to play too, which is nice. I’ve messed around in the practice arena and I’m slowly becoming competent with the puck. Mid sized community with around 100-200 players playing on average https://store.steampowered.com/app/707680/Slapshot/

I’m not sure how much I’ll be playing this one, but this multiplayer web game is a bit interesting. It’s basically the prisoner’s dilemna in game form. However, there is also a community of chatters that talk about who played nice and who ‘stole’ , so there’s a bit of a metagame. https://www.kongregate.com/games/Rootpew/split-or-steal


Wow, my guess as to what I’d play turned out to be totally wrong. Time got away from me and all I played was a bit of Faster than Light.

Also watched some of a guy’s (GameRiot’s) LP of Midnight Club LA which looks amazing at 1080p on the Xbox One X despite being a 360 game. Almost makes me want to spring for one of those for all the backward compatibility.