What will you play in the weekend?

Welcome to the Gaming ADHD Club! Squirrel! runs off chasing squirrel

We should make a thread where we can post what game we actually finished. I think I finished like 5 games so far this year. D:

It’s actually EGADS! Extreme Gaming Attention Deficit Syndrome. When your friends and family plan an intervention after looking at your backlog.

Love it.

Aaaargh, the last a mission of the Company of Heroes Normandy campaign is giving me fits! It’s a “defend the hill” mission with a bazillion approaches and the enemy inevitably sneaks snipers in and wreaks havoc. Pisses me off SO MUCH.’

EDIT: Oops, I guess it’s not even the last mission. Well, it was nice knowing you, Company of Heroes. Even with giving orders while paused and save-scumming. I just don’t see how to beat it.

“Your backlog is ‘daunting’? Ha, mine’s mathematically indeterminate.”

Reminds me of the defence of Carentan. Awesome mission.

Yeah, the difference there being that the enemy is all coming from the same side of the map. I’m going to try again following some strategies used in some YT videos I’ve watched.




The weekend before last I saw the conclusion of Pillars of Eternity, for a character I’ve had since at least(?) 2016. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the first character I ever made, but either way it’s fairly close. I almost immediately started up a new game, but I figure it might well be another couple of years before I see the conclusion again – assuming I don’t revisit it through the older character.

I also have a lot of games on my backlog and I’m never quite certain what I’ll be playing next. As such, I tend to scratch my head a bit over what I should bring up.

Last weekend: a bit of Hollow Knight and a lot of The Long Dark (story mode).

Next weekend: almost certainly nothing but Stellaris 2.3.

Official EGADS symbol:

Love. It.

That squirrel needs a gameboy in its tiny paws.

Nier Automata (Xbox One)

After finishing Prey I wanted to play something with a better combat system and dug this out of my backlog yesterday. I’ve played it almost nonstop since then. I feel like even hinting at any of my actual progress would constitute some sort of spoiler, so I’ll avoid doing so here. But suffice to say, I’ve accomplished the following and feel like there’s still a lot more left to do before I’ll be in a position to set the game back down:

After landing with a bit of a thud for me back when I first purchased it, the game is getting increasingly better the longer I play it.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU)

This game is brutally difficult for me to get through without having 30 or 40 red balloons (lives) on hand as a healthy safety cushion while moving forward, but I still find the game an absolute delight (except for the boss fights, I’ve never liked boss fights in platformers, and these last too long and have too many phases for my liking). I never did get around to finishing this game back when the WiiU was my primary Nintendo gaming platform, and because I got a sudden urge to punish myself I pulled this one out this morning. It’s made a fantastic palate cleanser between the large chunks of time I’ve been spending on Nier Automata.

For me it’s been Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey almost exclusively. This game has definitely replaced Guild Wars 2 as my “comfort food” game. ;)

I might play something else, but not sure what. Maybe Atelier Lydie & Suelle, or maybe something else. We’ll see.

I’m going flying. If and when I get the chance. MiG-19 finally got it’s ten mission campaign so I flew all of the training for it and am going to do dig into the missions next. First one kicked my ass first time I flew it. R-13 is not an AIM-9M.

Improbably, Sgt. Ronald Blackwell, 1 RFC, continues to survive in his first ten hours over Flanders in a Morane L. Wingmen dropping like flies, however.

And some Diablo 2, of all things. Sometimes you just gotta go back to the first and best Skinner box.

You inspired me to look up some of those on the Switch, and there was a (limited, until June 28th or something) demo for an Atelier Lulua.
I must say I couldn’t get past the really rough 3D rendering and animations, on par with some of the worst I had seen on PC trashware. Even the angles screamed 90s early 3D cutscenes where guys were going nuts because they could move the camera freely. There was also a total lack of rythm in the direction.
As quite a big fan of the 2D Atelier games, I was sad I was that bothered by the esthetics of the game. Maybe that one is particularly bad though.