What will you play in the weekend?

This weekend D&D, and maybe take my newly arrived HEXplore It 1&2 for a spin.

Samurai Shodown, Apex Legends, Sonic Mania, Blazing Chrome, and some Sega Genesis retro games is the plan. There will also be some portable Switch time in there that includes the Sega Ages games I own as well as some of the NES stuff in Nintendo Online. I want to play a little Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew which were just added. I get a little lost in there sometimes playing things I have and have never played before. It’s a great bunch of games they’re offering.

What genre is this?

Top down “space” exploration in a victorian steampunk setting. And it’s amazing.

City of Heroes, of course. Also having the kids over so I’m going to dust off the Vive.

Like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure/Fighting Fantasy’ gamebooks, with real-time map exploration and combat.

For @Rock8man

You pilot your little train engine through the expanse of space, trading and exploring and fighting and taking on odd jobs at the varied ports of call, all the while managing your crew and their terror level.

The gameplay is really fun and challenging but the writing is the most exceptional thing about it.

It is that rarest of things… unique.

It’s happening.

I just grabbed this on Switch, and I’ll be putting some time in.

And I need to finish off Expand and try some more Baba is You puzzles.

I suppose I’ll either need to turn in my Gamer Card, or I’ll have to go look this one up, because I’ve never heard of it, AND it looks intriguing.
EDIT: Better yet, maybe I’ll just wait until you have your video done, and watch that.

It’s been very stressful the last few weeks at work (several of us have lost our jobs during that time, and I keep thinking I’m next, but happily, the new schedule is now out, and I’m still on it - for now), so I’m tentatively planning to play something nice and easy and relaxing.

I picked up “True Fear: Forsaken Souls” on sale at GOG yesterday, even though I should be hoarding money just in case. But after all of the perpetual feeling of doom at my workplace that I’ve been through lately, I decided to reward myself, and after a bit of browsing, this looked like just the thing to calm me down.

I did fire it up earlier, and it does indeed seem like it will fit the bill just fine. It’s a point-and-click adventure game with a few hidden object areas. What’s cool is that if you don’t like hidden object games, you can opt to turn off the hidden object stuff, and those areas will then be replaced by inventory-based puzzles instead. And I believe that can be done on the fly. Also, the difficulty level can be changed on the fly, so theoretically, nothing can go wrong. Which is great, because I generally suck at adventure games.

The artwork, while very good as far as atmosphere goes, appears to be lacking a bit when it comes to portraying the characters, which look a bit amateurishly done (see the trailer below to see what I mean). But I’m not too fussy as long as the environments and atmosphere is done well, and the story is decent, and the puzzles aren’t too difficult.

This is a lousy trailer by the way:

Oh, no video, it’s not a space game. It’s great though.

Come on, @Giles_Habibula , Brian can’t play ALL the games for us, sheesh! ;-D

EDIT: NOT Vesper! Oops.

Dragon Quest Builders 2. All weekend.

Distant World’s Universe remains my main game, using the Bacon + Retreat UE + Das mod which changes an awful lot for the better. My settings are maximum number of sectors, half of maximum stars, chaotic aggression, hard or very hard difficulty, slowest research speed, sparse potential colonies. This corners people in their section of the galaxy for a crowded knife fight in a space that feels very big - who knows what the other side of the universe will be like once I get the tech to get there in a reasonable amount of time.

Shadow Warrior 2 - it’s great to dip into for 20 minutes at a time, when I don’t feel like a longer session in DWU (where 30 minutes is barely remembering where I left off last session). Or just need mindless, 4X detox.

I finished Watch Dogs 2 last night very late and today I decided to go back to 3030 Deathwar Redux. Took a couple of attempts to get reaquainted with the controls etc. but I figured it out. Kind of old-school but there’s a lot under the hood there.

I’ve spent the entire weekend playing IWD EE after having wrapped BG2 EE last week. Just can’t seem to slake my thirst for old-school D&D games for whatever reason!

Right now I’m exploring the Dragon’s Eye cavern and just defeated the lizard king and freed a bunch of captured villagers, giving us enough XP to hit level 6 for most of my party members, and finding some very nice loot along the way.

Got any level 7 druids yet? That was always the coolest milestone in 2nd edition.

It’s so funny you asked that, while travelling from one end of a map to another (heading back to town to sell/re-equip/buy more Mage scrolls) I read your post and though “how far is my fighter/druid from hitting level 7 druid?” only to find that she just did and I had to click the level up button but I’m there now! Great timing.

Nice, fighter cleric is my second favorite combo, next to Ranger Clerics (before they fixed the glitch in EE)

I have temporarily set Pillars of Eternity aside. I play those type games with a mouse and I am having some hand problems right now. The problems don’t occur when using a controller so I am playing Dark Souls 3 currently with that and having no problems.