What will you play in the weekend?

Kirov reporting!

Man I’ll never forget ra2. So good! Yuris revenge is the expansion, da?

Yep, that’s the one.

Wahammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr (Steam)

I seem to be learning this game slowly. There’s just something about the progression system and UI that kept me from picking up on certain things until after several hours of play, but now that I’m actually selecting my psychic powers I’m doing much better.

Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum (Mobile)

This expansion came out a week or two ago, and so far it’s very enjoyable as long as you aren’t playing against a Control Warrior, Cyclone Freeze Mage, Mech Hunter, or Quest Paladin. But since those only make up about 90% of the meta right now, there’s still a lot of fun to be had playing against spouses instead… and that’s what I’ll be doing!

Before the weekend started I would have never guessed it, but I’m playing Civ V.

I got a few turns of Antihero in this weekend.


So busy.

I finished Metal Wolf Chaos XD and have contented myself with that.

ArmA3 Antistasi has claimed me again, regardless of Rebel Galaxy and NMS trying to tempt me away.

No Man’s Sky VR on the Rift S. I don’t think there is anything else that compete for my gaming time right now. So. Immersive.

How strange.

I am playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. I can’t stop playing it. Now I understand the message when you launch the game.


As I see it, Monster Hunter is basically Sesame Credit-style social control. It doesn’t so much ease you into its systems as exact its design upon you. It’s like a good habit sim wrapped up in a bad habit skinner box.

I binged hard on Rebel Galaxy. Hell yeah baby! Pew Pew motherfuckers! That game hits all the right notes for me.

… what?

Japan’s low youth crime rates are directly attributable to Monster Hunter’s success, is what I’m saying.

Because it promotes eating cheese fondue? oO

Well Japan does still have a few notorious roaming “fondue nasty” gangs in areas like Shibuya. But they won’t be recruiting any Monster Hunter players, because they will have their nose stuffed in a handheld (and possible parent-installed blinders) learning the wonders of perserverence, grit, determination, hard work and fungus identification.

I don’t agree with your view of the game. This reminds me of how Dark Souls was treated as being overly difficult: I haven’t fell even once in Monster Hunter yet, and I’m a pretty damn lousy action game player, especially when it comes to 3D games. But both games reward observation and, on the contrary, not persevering but knowing when to fall back. It’s a very relaxing experience with a few minutes of real intensity every now and then.
Edi: well at least that’s how I enjoy it, but now reading again, I wonder if maybe I am playing it wrong compared to most people!

Yes, it’s very methodical, as in time-consuming. Researching a monster, choosing a weapon, deciding which armor to craft/chase, actually doing that, rinse and repeat. And then there’s the part where you get utterly noob filter’d by that bastard Nargacuga and the PSP hitboxes. Or I did. I wasn’t really talking about dying specifically, anyway.

I confess to not doing any of that planning. It will probably come bite me in the back at some point, most likely online, but then the game will probably lose me.
I have been experimenting with three weapons, two with which I feel now very comfortable, the true revelation having been to try adept (or should it be called “Dark Souls”) style.
Nargacuga went down. They all will go down, mewhahaha!
The game had lost me early on the PSP, but in my case it was because I had not been taught to be patient by — again —Dark Souls; and those controls, eew. I also wasn’t using items, while now I spend a lot of my time setting up ambushes or throwing random junk at the monster. The monkey in me loves to throw junk.
But you are right: my play style is very slow and time-consuming. On the first try of a given monster, I usually use over 40 of the 50 allocated minutes. But that time flies because I am so… immersed!

I only endorse playing PSP games emulated or (preferably) on a Vita at this point. I think it would be rather unethical to inflict the carpal tunnel Freedom Unite clawhand on anyone, worst this side of Metroid Prime: Hunters.
Of course, when I’m king of the world, every game will be designed around the ergonomically perfect Armored Core reverse claw-grip.

It was No Man’s Sky VR all weekend for me. Though half that time was probably spent trying to get it to run well on the Rift, with no success. Still, loving it.