What will you play in the weekend?

This game surprised me by how good it is. I’m having good fun with it on Xbox Gamepass.

Still trying to get into Outer Worlds, so far it hasn’t grabbed me. One little game that has is Lonely Mountain Downhill a game I downloaded on a whim on GamePass and I can’t stop playing and I’m brutal with a gamepad.

Edit: In my defense I was typing my praise of LDM at the same time as the above posts, I would have jumped on them :)

Yeah, it’s really a great game. Games like this are usually either intense or laid back. LM: Downhill is somehow both at the same time. I can fire it up no matter what type of mood I’m in.

Yea, it’s both laid back and a festival of broken bones all at once. The controls are perfect, and I absolutely love all the secret trails and alternate paths one can take towards the finish line/waypoint. I also like how better/different bikes can utilize certain paths other cannot (compared to other games where they simply handle differently). They did a good job on this game.

Going to try a big push with Outer Worlds for the 3 day weekend. I’ve gone back to playing Slay The Spire on my laptop in the evenings because it’s easy enough to play slowly while I’m watching TV with the wifey.

If by some chance I complete Outer Worlds I will then start The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition.

Instead of playing Divinity Original Sin 2 or Mario Odyssey, I’ll be probably spending all my gaming time progressing on one credit with my mage in Capcom’s The King of Dragons.

I used to read that Outer Wilds. Now I keep reading it as Out of this World!

Perhaps you have lesdixia.

They did, but now it’s being emulated, and it’s great.


I’ll be Stranding and Discoing for most of the weekend. But I’m kind of interested in whatever this is:

I really don’t know. Maybe some Strange Brigade, maybe some AI War 2, maybe some Northgard, maybe some Mindustry. Hell, I might even give Bard’s Tale IV a proper try if I have the time/energy.

Pretty soon SOE’s entire library will be emulated. Nobody even streams legal EverQuest anymore, nearly 99% of EQ streamers are playing the P99 version.

This must be a great way to get back to the SWG that existed before NGE. I wonder if my 20-year-old beta disc will work for this. Oh wait, doesn’t matter. My new computer doesn’t have a CDROM drive. 😖

Hopefully Outer Worlds and Age of Empires 2 DE.

The Witcher 3: Netflixbound (Xbox One)

Having fun replaying the early parts of this game. I plan to make more progress this weekend. My memories of my last playthrough are vague, so this is mostly like a new set of quests for me. I haven’t reached the botchling yet, but that was pretty memorable.

AI War 2: You down with A.I.P.? Yea you know me! (Steam)

Still having a great time with this game. I’m actually really good at pissing the AI off, and if this were a game where such a thing were a path to victory I’d probably win every game. But this is a game where the exact opposite is a path to victory, so I don’t win much.

Creeper World 3: He Slimed Me (Steam)

This game came out of left field and has so far blown me away with how immediately approachable it is, easy to learn, and fun to play. I love dropping nodes all over the damn place and fighting the ever-encroaching goo. It’s a great concept for a game, and it’s so much more interesting that fighting swarms of fodder.

The name is great too, reminds me of a place where all residents are on a government registry of some sort.

You’re playing one of my all-time favorites (CW3) and the sequel to one of my all-time favorites (AI War 2). Glad you’re enjoying both!

That sounds kind of like a tower defense game. Is that what it is?

I would say it is. Except there’s not a solid stream of fodder marching towards your base through a maze of walls on a set path, instead there’s a wide swath of goo creeping forward, covering the entire map. And you can drop various weapons and other things to gain energy, mine resources, and pushback/blowup/eliminate/prevent/reroute the goo until you can get to its source(s) and destroy it.

Well, I should play a good bit of Astral Chain this weekend. American Truck Simulator is free for the weekend on Steam, so I might play that a bit. And, if I have the time and energy, I might play something else. We’ll see.

Wrapping up The Outer Worlds I suspect, and then I think it might be fun to play Mass Effect Andromeda again. Been a couple of years, and I remember enjoying my time with it even at launch when it was buggy and a little odd. I’m hoping it’s been patched quite a bit and is in fine shape!

Still do. Having said that, I will probably be purchasing and playing it this weekend, whatever it’s called.