What will you play in the weekend?



I will try to finish up Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst this weekend. That will clear the way for me to get back on the Assassin’s Creed train next week.

I might also dabble in some Destiny 2 to see if any Scout rifles will ever drop for me again.

Also, I tried Trackmania Turbo yesterday, since it’s the free GwG game. And holy shit, this is fun!


For me it should be mostly Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Guild Wars 2, and Heat Signature. Maybe something else if I get the time, but I have lots of non-gaming stuff to do, including a small project to (finally) get properly started with Rust.


More Nier Tomato and more Cuphead!


Super Mario Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Not sure there’s time for anything else!


Spintires, Warsim, and maybe Tooth and Tail if I find an opponent sharing my time frame.


1st LAN party of the winter (we usually have 3), 6 people over 45 in a basement from Friday night until Sunday. Dirt, Ashes of the Singularity, Killing Floor 2, Rocket League will see heavy rotation. OffWorld Trading Company will be the new game in town, We all bought it during the Halloween sale and are only allowed to play the tutorial so it will be 6 newbies stumbling around. Should be fun (Mojito’s are the drink this weekend).


Breath of the Wild on Switch. I had this on WiiU, and was probably around 35% through when I got distracted and never got back to it. Much easier when I can play as handheld whenever I like. I don’t love everything about it, but for the most part it’s beautiful and artistic. The world amazes me with its size and richness. I am only one Divine Beast in atm, but have explored many more nooks and crannies this playthrough.

Love the Switch.


I lost my game of Holland ‘44 as the Germans so we are switching sides and I will try the Allies. Sunday! 5AM!


Wolfenstein The Old Blood. I am trying to clear it from my backlog so I can play Wolfenstein 2 guilt free this Xmas. Having a blast so far!


I will be playinc AC: Origins, mixed up with some Fable II, and probably start Dragon Age 2 (the two latter need to be finished by Christmas since they are borrowed).
I wish I could continue AC Syndicate, but it’s hell mixing that one up with Origins because of the controls, so it will have to wait. .-


I know it didn’t go down well here, but I’ll be playing some more Endless Space 2 this weekend. If I’ve time, some Sentinels of the Multiverse (board game or digital, depending on if my partner joins in). Maybe some War for the Overworld or Borderlands (the latter I picked up for a shiny dollar on sale, and have been enjoying).


Argh, I need to play this too before I let myself buy Wolf 2. Let me know how it goes.


I bought Wolf 2, and haven’t played The Old Blood yet. :p


I have the entire weekend to myself and nothing at all to do until Sunday evening. So a real are opportunity to get stuck into something. No doubt I will scroll through my steam library and refresh the same 5 websites over and over again.


I’m so envious right now. I miss LAN parties, and with games like that you’re guaranteed a good time.

I would take you up on this if I owned it! You’re JST, right? I’m BST. That means I’d have to play you in the morning/early afternoon. Latency would be through the roof no doubt too.


I think the point where I left off (a few months ago) in the Old Blood, I was crouching in a vent somewhere, and I had to come outside and get into a big firefight. It’s not the type of place you want to stop playing, because when you come back, you’re super rusty and you keep getting your ass kicked when you leave the vent.


As for my weekend, I don’t really know. I wrapped up my October spooky gaming on Halloween night, appropriately enough. But I didn’t get to Layers of Fear or State of Decay as intended. Maybe I should start a spooky November session?

But also, I’m anticipating getting my Xbox One X next Tuesday so I’m hesitant to start anything new. So maybe I’ll just keep working through some older backward compatible Xbox games. I forgot how good Crimson Skies is.


Sometimes I wanna get an OG Xbox just for Crimson Skies.

So, for me, should be a fairly busy weekend. For the blog I need to hit:

And also am gonna try to hit:

For myself, I’ve recently become heavily invested in:

I feel like I might actually…finish it…not this weekend, but soon…and I rarely finish games.

Should be a good weekend. :)


I love the Crazy Machine games.