What will you play in the weekend?


If you played the first one and liked it it’s safe to say you will like this. I found it slow going at the start but soon got into the rhythm again, I just love Machinegames’ style and the way they have conceptualised the universe. Less insane stuff like the moonbase of the first one (which I dug) but cool all the same and whets the appetite nicely for Wolf 2. I am only about half way though in terms of chapters.


One week ago I was in the exact same position. Last Sunday I decided to do something about it and get stuck into the backlog.


I’m going to use my first slime key in Slime Rancher!


If you enjoy playing RTS I’ll never challenge you, ever!
Latency is the reason I lost a bunch of games of OTC to some English dude residing around here, no doubt.


If I can muster up enough mental focus, I’ll try watching some howto videos and then dive back into Tank Warfare: Tunisia. I’ve also been playing Saints Row 2 of all things. I never would have bought it, but I got for free on GOG so I figured why not? I’ve never played anything in that genre so it’s all new to me.

How did he manage to take the Arnhem bridge from you?


I mean, I enjoy different RTS but I’m shite at it!


I’ll have to throw in Skyrim here. I buckled under the screaming 67% off-sign at the PS-store.


What?!? You’ve…you’ve never played Skyrim? Dear lord are you in for a treat - its possibly the greatest open world simulation fantasy game out there. And once you put in a 100 hundred hours, you’ll discover the mods…oh god the mods - Thats another 100 hours.

Oh, and its getting a VR version on PS4 this month as well. I envy you !


Besides playing PUBG and Hearthstone as usual, I’ll continue with Wolfenstein II as well as getting my boots on the ground in Call of Duty: WWII (the last CoD I bought at launch was MW3).


Played each of these toward the end of week and plan to spend a few more hours with them this weekend:

Fire Emblem: Awakening – It is hard to screwup a Fire Emblem game. The story is sort of dumb (I fear it involves time travel), but Fire Emblem stories are usually on the groan-inducing side of things. The gameplay’s still great and that’s what matters. I think it might be in the running for my favorite of the series along with Path of Radiance. Really helps to justify my 2DS XL purchase, especially since Super Mario 3D Land did not grab me the way that New Super Mario Bros. on the DS did.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Saw some positive comments about it on here and thought I’d try it out on Origin Access. Not a bad deal for $5. The first mission was tedious (and forever taking), the characters aren’t that noteworthy so far, and the dialogue is iffy, but. . . I think I like it, maybe? The combat is still clunky in the way that Mass Effect combat has always been, but it seems I’ve arrived at a point where the game opens up (I just established the first outpost) and I have to travel around the galaxy setting up more colonies. That’s a cool enough idea to keep me playing a while longer.

Wasteland 2 – Got it in the Humble Bundle for cheaper than I’ve seen it before ($10). I have held off since I’ve heard mixed things about it, but I enjoy it so far. The turn-based combat is satisfying and the Ag Center mission was interesting enough. I’m glad it forces you to make tough decisions (e.g., can’t save Highpool and the Ag Center, as far as I could tell). Still, the random encounters on the overworld map make me feel like I’m playing a JRPG and I hear it gets grindy later. It looks like a good foundation for the upcoming BattleTech game at the very least.

So, I really like one of the games and am cautiously optimistic about the other two. Not a bad weekend ahead.


I have a great hole of a few years where I didn’t play much, so I’ve missed out.
I can easily see why this is a great game. The first hour I was mostly cringing over how bad the characters look however. I’ve been playing a lot of really beautiful games lately (graphic wise) and to jump over to this with high expectations fell kind of flat.
BUT - know I’ve played for 4-5 hours and can definitely see myself getting totally sucked in to this.


This was my feeling for Andromeda all the way through :)


I’ve been chunking away with a game or two a day of Has Been Heroes (finally beat the poison boss last night, so I’m close to finishing it the first time?) Just getting my toes wet with Elex, which really looks a lot less ugly than I thought, but feels like it’s got that crazy PB jank we all known and…remember? And of course, some League of Legends, which I usually get in at least one game every day (my god, I’ve been playing since before season 1, and season 8 starts soon.)


It took me 4 tries before I finally stuck with it. I had to learn to accept it for what it is. The combat isn’t good in my opinion. What it excels at is the exploration - how you can just find cool things without running from one icon to another. Some of the landscapes and wildflowers are beautiful to travel though.


Guild Wars 2 and Faeria. Just trying to get a character to 80 in GW2 and trying to get more cards in Faeria.


Still playing Divinity Original Sin 2. In the thick of Act 2 with my all Conjuring party. Doing great and having a blast so far.


Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and starting to learn/play Darkest Dungeon. Throwing in some Through the Ages to lighten things up.


If I’m ever stuck in a Lost-type underground bunker, forced to press a button over and over, the first thing I’ll do is see if the terminal supports CDDA


XXX Corps.

My defense of Betuwe was not ideal.

In the rematch, we are two turns in and I had the exact same result while trying to capture the north end of Arnhem bridge. Wild-card this time, though: the Germans failed to blow the rail bridge. Ka-RAZY!


Yeah I think this will be my opinion as well. I guess I have built up the expectations for Skyrim and when I finally got to it, it was just… meh. And yeah, the combat is cluncy.
I got a shitstorm from a friend that was SO upset with me for changing to third person, when he meant it HAD to be played first person, but I just can’t stand that, especially not in a fantasy RPG. Can’t really imagine it would make it that much better tho.
Still, I’ll stick with it some more, the exploring is fun and the quests seem fun so far as well.