What will you play in the weekend?


It’s a very different experience though. It’s the difference YOU experiencing the world contra you seeing someone else experiencing the world


My main issue with Skyrim’s combat is how magic works. I hate combat casting in that game. It sounds cool in theory—shoot fire and ice bolts at the same time—but it just doesn’t work that well. I usually play a mage in RPGs, but Skyrim made me switch to a rogue-archer type in a hurry.


Yup. Not even gonna bother with the magic.


I really like the Elder Scrolls games’ world (and even the lore, gasp) but I always find the moment to moment gameplay boring. If anything, combat tends to drag me out of the fantasy tourism simulator I want those games to be (I always remember how trippy an experience Morrowind is, until I was disappointingly teared down by some powerful foe because I went where I shouldn’t have gone). Seeing my character takes out some of the immersion, so I prefer the first person in those games.


Halo 4 night was a huge success! I had to scramble to locate two more copies of the game on Saturday. Who knew it would be so hard to find?! I picked up one copy for $5 and the other for $8. We played lots of different game types. Grifball is the overwhelming favorite when we get everyone together. It was 6 v 6 most of the night in all game modes, dipping to 5 v 5 a couple times also. Other modes we played included ShotSwords (shotguns and swords only), Crazy King of the Hill (single moving hill with a 30 second win timer and every man for himself… very hard to rack up points and tons of death), Snipers and Shotguns only, Team Longball (our variation on Oddball. Teams. Exploding ball.), CTF, Infection, and Extraction.

We always start with Rockets only to get everyone warmed up. Team based and we threw in some vehicles accidentally, but that just enhanced the chaos. The closest games came in Grifball and Team Longball. There was a Longball win that was a one second difference at the final timer. We were doing 4 v 4 v 4 in that mode.

Here’s a couple dark pix. I was the bottom left screen in the split in the second shot which is why it’s clear. I was standing still and getting grief for taking pictures instead of smashing enemies and scoring goals. There were four per TV. Eight in the living room and four out in the much better lit dining room. That other screen facing the camera is my PC which they were occasionally messing with Overwatch on between games.


The hell you say, that’s the only way I play. Sword in one hand, spell in the other. Love. It.


Played lots of Wolfenstein II. Some remarkably grim moments in that game, not counting the Strogg moment, which kinda made me facepalm a little… even though I knew something like that was coming (meow).

The game is also telling me that I may be outgrowing the arena shooter. I can’t say that I was having fun in the courtroom battle, for example. I guess I prefer the steady march and strategic positioning over circle-strafing and running for your life toward the next armor and/or life pickup. (It doesn’t help that the game’s pickup routines are remarkably sloppy, which I could see being a design decision).

But the writing, with all of the trigger moments, made me smile in the fact that some of them made me feel uncomfortable.


I have said this before on QT3 but my favorite game would combine the open world of Skyrim with Dark Souls combat.


Mine as well.


I started yet another PoE game after watching a youtube video on a paladin (wayfarer) fragsteal build. I think this is my 8th.




I’ve probably replied the same before, but I like that the two are separate. First person combat is very different from 3rd person. I would not want to lose the ability to play 1st person in Elder Scrolls. And I don’t think Dark Souls combat would work in anything but 3rd person.


Yeah, not for me. I’d like to be able to see more than the first 2 hours of content of an Elder Scrolls game.


It’s called Elex. ;)


I’m glad you have the wink in there!


So you get to enjoy being stun-locked by wild boars?


I can’t even…


I am looking for advice on which game to purchase and play this weekend. I was waiting for a good Steam sale, but now there’s 3 that I’m wanting to play. So which is worth full price, and which should I wait on?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Assassins Creed Origins


I’m really enjoying two of those three, but some people here didn’t like either of them, so keep that in mind.

I might play Elex one day, but it won’t be anytime soon.


I’m going to try to stay focused this weekend on EA Access Early trials, 10 hours each:

Need For Speed Payback (8 hours left)
Battlefront 2 (10 hours left)
Sims 4 (10 hours left)

Sims 4 should be interesting. I haven’t played a Sims game since the original. I wonder how the series has evolved and changed since then.

And of course, I’ll always be playing Grim Dawn because, that just goes without saying.