What will you play in the weekend?


I’m not sure what kinds of games you enjoy, and I haven’t played Elex or Middle-Earth yet, but I really enjoy Assassins Creed Origins, and for me, it was worth full price. It’s exploring and fighting at different levels and a beautiful enviroment, I’d describe it as a mix of Assasssins Creed and The Witcher 3.


Some Destiny 2, hopefully some board games.


My plan is to play a bit of Guild Wars 2, Hand of Fate 2, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War, with Heat Signature filling the blanks whenever appropriate.


I’m a bit restless these days and have trouble focusing on one game at a time. So, I’ll guess I’ll be jumping mostly between Assassins Creed Origins and Assassins Creed Syndicate (which is annoying because the controls are so different) with a touch of Borderlands and maybe try out the tournament in Diablo III.
I’ll also be starting either The Witcher 2 or Dragon Age 2, I can’t really decide, so I’ll probably end up flipping a coin between the two.

And then there’s my MGS:Phantom Pain and The Order: 1886 that take up space that should probably get at least a few hours attention.


Oh yeah! I forgot that the new season should have started yesterday. I should finally play the Necromancer during this new Season. Can anyone confirm that the new season is underway?

P.S. I couldn’t stand The Order: 1886. I was bored out of my mind.


Assassins Creed Origins on my way to level 40 and Antihero really enjoying the new map. Very limited time this weekend as I have to work. :(


Blizzard can:


If today is considered the start of the weekend, I’m going to play The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. It’s suppsoed to be pretty short, so I may end up finishing it too.


Besides continuing the CoD and Wolfenstein campaigns, I’ll be checking out Battlefront II through EA Access.


Very cool!

Looks like the Necromancer set for the season is Trag’Oul’s Avatar:

Set Bonus:

  • Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune (2 pieces)
  • While at full Life, overhealing from skills is added to maximum Life for 45 seconds, up to 100% more (4 pieces)
  • All Life-spending abilities deal 3300% increased damage. Healing from skills is increased by 100% (6 pieces)

The first effect combines effects of all runes to the point where Blood Rush no longer costs Life, but still gets an additional charge. Moreover, despite spending no Life, it is still affected by the two other bonuses.

The second effect duration is refreshed every time it is applied at full Life, however, this extra Life does not change the Life cost of Blood spells (in absolute values): their cost is still a percetage of unmodified maximum Life. It is therefore possible to use this extra Life to safely cast Blood spells. If this effect fades, the Necromancer is returned to the same percentage of maximum Life. A buff is displayed on the panel to indicate the percentage of additional Life gained.

The third bonus multiplicatively boosts all skills that cost Life, including the Blood skill rune variants (prior to 2.6.1, it would also double all Life costs). It also doubles all healing from skills (including indirect sources such as minions). Note that Simulacrum, although it is technically a Life-spending ability, will only deal increased damage with basic attacks and Blood spells (i.e. those that would be empowered if used by the Necromancer).


I am re-playing Bioshock before I play Bioshock Infinite for the first time. I played this many years ago and I remember having trouble getting started. I am not having any trouble with most of the enemies as they are pretty easy, but those Big Daddy’s, they still are tough as hell. What I really like about this game is the atmosphere, the sounds and sights.


Shadow of War is a deep discount game for me, based on my time with the first one.

I’ve played a good amount of the other two and Elex is my favourite - it has a certain charm and character, but then I love clunky Euro RPGs, and PB games in particular. They all have their detractors though so firm consensus here is unlikely… good luck. :)

For my own weekend, I’ll be playing the rather sublime Super Mario Odyssey.
And damn … the new Diablo 3 season is here, but I do have Nioh to keep me company so I’ll likely favour that for the most part.


I recommend replaying Bioshock 2 as well. In my opinion, it is underrated.


Grim Dawn and DERPSPACE.


Still playing Divinity Original Sin 2, still enjoying it. About to move to Act 3 so I guess there’s a chance I’ll finish it this weekend.


I played it after my original Bioshock play thru a couple years ago. I may end up replaying it before I do Infinity. I remember it as being not as long but having an interesting ending.


I think it contributes some interesting ideas that contrasts the first one. I never got around to playing the MP, though.


I quit Guild Wars 2, which leaves much room to fill.
I am planning on playing Pike and Shot Campaigns (completed the tutorial scenarios: the game is much simpler than I thought), Spintires and Streets of Rogue.
No Tooth & Tail still, I guess…


Will this be a negative? Is there enough to keep it interesting? Have you played Batttlefield Academy and is it more simple than that? Do you feel like you’re being interrogated?


To me, this is a positive. The main decision seems to be when to commit to melee, which is something that echoes the historiographical trends in podcasts I have been listening to for the past few years. Melee is a commitment: you have basically no control over the units implied once it starts. I enjoy sometimes seeing rounds of melee between tercios, with barely a victim on either side, as it fits the picture I draw in my mind. But I understand all this may not be everyone’s take. The RNG feels big, but you can affect the odds by your strategic moves, ideally.
I also love military simulation based on morale, and the mechanics (part of which a cascading effect of routing units) feel really smart to me.
All in all, it is a depiction of the chaos of battles and how to infer with it that appeal very much to my (mis?)conceptions on the subject.

But the main thing to me is the theme. That period of European history is my absolute favourite. Throwing in some classical music, my yesterday’s late afternoon was a real delight.

Still, all this is only after spending two hours with it. Will call back when the honeymoon is over.