What will you play in the weekend?


Ahhh, OK good. I’ve heard good things about Pike and Shot and was hoping your initial impression wasn’t down on it.


You will be missed.


I may be back, when I am over raging some of those jumping puzzles zones :E


Late to the party but, Motorsport Manager, really fun, and I generally don’t care for management sims.


I moved on from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Don’t want to replay stuff from last checkpoint).

I caved in and got Opus Magnum and have had fun trying to match other people on the leaderboard. Based upon other people’s solutions, the game definitely allows for puzzles to be solved in a variety of ways. I’m still very early on. Finding a solution hasn’t been difficult, but optimizing the solutions has been very challenging.

I played the first couple chapters of The First Templar and it is brimming with mediocrity. I’m not sure how the reviews on Steam are mostly positive. Can definitely tell this is a Kalypso published game. How long to beat says around 13 hours for this, but I think my 77 minutes was probably enough.

I think I may fire up Motorsport Manager and see how that is.


Stayed up playing this:


I went from kind of really disliking the game, to being too stubborn not to win at least one to working on my fourth explorer victory. .It’s an… acquired taste I think.


I stopped at phase 1 of your progression. What turned it around for you?


I understand the game better now, like the mechanics behind it and how they work together. It’s not enough to really understand your companions and how to use them, you need to know how to use them together… perfectly by expedition 5/6. There is no point in having that cook if you aren’t going to hunt, a lot. That Shaman has a set of dice that doesn’t combo very well with other combat dice, so he’s not the best in a hunting party despite the idea of healing even if he does upgrade later. Oh and knowing who to upgrade first, also important… One of the best companions for a hunting rifle group is actually the journalist. I upgrade him as soon as I can so he can combo pretty quickly.

That that damn donkey most start with is your weakest link and you need to replace him if you can. Early on it’s going to feel like a wasted swap out but you need the space later. If you’ve got a rifle, you want at least two people with blue dice so you can get your best shot almost every battle. Barely making it past your 2nd or 3rd expedition with one or two moon stones so you can focus on making good decision in 5 and 6 whether than being forced to take that Celestial Shrine (that punishment is pretty awful), is better than breezing through it. And of course if you are not going to do combat, stockpile those flutes and that rocket. If you you’re not fighting, stick to the red mushrooms or the healing kit… you don’t need both.

Oh and you can store your treasure to take back with you at a few building in the map, so get rid of the stuff that doesn’t stack… and try not to do anything that takes out that building and your precious treasure.

It’s kind of like this is one of those rogue-like games where you have to figure things out and lose and get frustrated a lot before it clicks… but the presence of that tutorial makes you think otherwise. Personally, I dislike most rogue-like games.but I do like exploration and survival games like Don’t Starve, Thea and this one. I’m waiting for Renowned Explorers to grow on me but after Curious I don’t feel like I am exploring anything in Renowned.


Maybe I’ll have to consider trying it again in the future. If I remember right, I liked the combat better in this one that in Renowned Explorers. I didn’t like how the mood or whatever it was is managed in the encounters.


I am having trouble with the combat too in Renowned. You’d think because it’s not dice it and it’s a percentage it would feel less random than it does. It doesn’t feel like I am exploring though which kind of dampens my enjoyment of being an explore. I just move from one dot to another and roll against skills to find things… but it took a while for Curious to grow on me so it will get more time too.

Now I should mention, I do rage quit Curious on occasion. It’s like fking hell, we spent one night without food (sanity) and all this happened!


I travelled all weekend, which means I spent ample time with my new 2DS XL. I feel like it’s already paid for itself. I alternated between Super Mario 3D Land and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Still quite like Awakening, but Super Mario 3D Land has not grabbed me the way New Super Mario Bros. on the DS did.


I’ve had Thoth for a while and have chipped away at beating the levels - I think for over a year. I finally beat the main game, I still have the procedurally generated levels left. Steam reports I’ve only been playing the game for 2 hours - it seems like so much more.

I love how the levels are bite-sized. Needing to beat the levels in groups of 4 to reach a save point can be frustrating, but due to the quick nature of the levels it is manageable.


Well, someone gifted me Dungeons 3 (looks like they got it from cdkeys), so I’ll be diving into that this weekend. I’m a sucker for all these Dungeon Keeper clones.

Just started playing Oxygen Not Included. Gonna take it slow and not read any hints or wikis. Basically it looks like Diggles, except people can piss themselves. Haven’t played long enough to find out if there’s hamster riding.

Edit: Nah, I haven’t finished with War for the Overworld. Can’t remember what I don’t quite like about the interface, but I’ll revisit the game soon.


On Sunday I’m going to Pax Unplugged, which will be my first-ever Pax, and my second-ever board game con, and I’m probably just going to walk around the huge vendors room and drool at all the games.


I take it you’re done with WtfO if you’re moving on the Dungeons 3, then.


If all goes well, mostly Nioh. Also Guild Wars 2. Maybe something else. We’ll see.


For me this weekend it’s Injustice 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2!

(also maybe some Nioh and Mario)


Were you guys PS4 Nioh players or did you wait for PC? I can’t remember.


I played on the PS4 early in the year, now on PC.


Been trying to get into Warframe, keeps bouncing off me. Something about it doesn’t play nice with my system which isn’t helping…it all seems a bit…stuttery.