What will you play in the weekend?


Skyrim on Switch. Only finished the escape (have done this on PC of course), but it looks and plays great so far. Having this on handheld is wonderful.


Stop trying to make me purchase Skyrim for the 7th time (Not kidding) and a new game system, dammit!


More AC Origins for me, especially now that I have my new G-sync monitor (HYPE!!!).


More AC Origins on the PS4 Pro for me, now that I have my new LG OLED (HDR HYPE!!).


Endless Space 2 with the new diplomacy patch. I’ve also gone back to Buzz Aldrin’s Let’s Mock Trump Space Program Manager and started a new campaign as the Soviets.


I don’t have a PS4, so I’m finally playing it on PC. It’s so refreshing to see a game with proper kamae! And souls-like-ish combat with random loot and crafting! Nioh might well be my dream “souls-like” game.


Diablo 3 as a Necromancer, Grim Dawn as a Necromancer, Dead Space 2 as… Isaac Clarke I guess.


Necromorph killer. Speaking of which, I should probably get started with my Dead Space ten-years-on replay. Wondering if I should try for the achievement for using the plasma cutter only, though that kind of seems like a bad idea. Oh well. Stick around, I’m full of bad ideas.

Got my titan up to level 20, may as well run her the rest of the way through the campaign missions I guess. I did get my necromancer through the campaign in Diablo 3 last weekend, only took me what, three, four months? May be time to take a break from Diablo 3.


Did you get the additional odd-sounding achievements for the Necro? How hard are those to get? Like there’s one for using bone armor on the skeleton king, and one for being below 10% health and then using a self-life draining skill to kill Diablo. And another to defeat the shadow form in the Diablo battle a certain way. Are all those fairly easy to get?


Oh no, I didn’t do any of those. Just the ones for getting my necro to level 70 and beating Malthael. I may go back and try for those other ones somewhere down the line but for now I really do need a break from Diablo 3. It doesn’t help that I don’t really enjoy playing the Necromancer, I kind of like having minions running around me like the Witch Doctor, but I never felt all that powerful. I’m still a big fan of the demon hunter above all else.


It looks faster paced than Souls from the video I just watched. Is that true? One of the things I like about Souls is the slower pace.


Yeah, it is faster, but very responsive, and it doesn’t feel frantic or button-mashy. For me it’s somewhere between Dark Souls and DMC 4 in terms of combat “feel” (it seems to me the “ki pulse” mechanic was partly inspired in the “exceed rev” mechanic that Nero has in DMC 4). Speed also depends on which weapon you’re using, so keep that in mind.

All I can say so far is that it feels soooo right. There’s a lot of depth in the combat system. It’s also very “cerebral”, perhaps even more than recent Souls games and their penchant for “offense before defense”. From what little I’ve played so far, it feels to me to be as good as or better than what I’ve seen in the Souls series.


I’ll have to keep this game in mind. Probably worth a try for me since I love the Souls games.


Going to finish up Lost Legacy. I have two more chapters to do. I’m working on getting all of the treasures. I’ve got all of them from chapter 4 and up. When I finish the game, I am going to go back and get the other ones, and maybe get all of the photo locations as well.


This weekend looks like some board games (don’t know which ones yet) and some Star Traders: Frontiers.


Megaton Rainfall has been released on Steam. I will play this.


Yeah not to mention the combos, multiple stances, and weapon skill trees. You can unlock moves and edit your own weapon combos. It’s superb; deep, tactical, and impactful. I also love the atmosphere created by the audio design.

It’s certainly a cut above other Souls-alikes, like the Fallen or Surge games.


Uh oh. My brain doesn’t handle combos very well.


They’re not really ‘combos’ like in fighting games, as in sequences of timed button/directional inputs.

More like, press Y to do a specific move after a flurry of strung-together light attacks. Or press X while guarding to do this move. Or hold X to do this one.

Each stance for each weapon has three or four of those, and you can assign what moves are triggered from a set of ones you unlock on the weapon skill trees.


Please tell us how it is, it looks insanely awesome.

So for me, I’m taking some time off from the blog, so a lot of non-space games, starting with my most recent acquisition:

Which I am super excited about. I also plan to get some time in with:

Should be a good weekend, and I’ve a lot of free time leading into and after Thanksgiving, so even more gaming will happen! Yay!