What will you play in the weekend?


MechWarrior Online. I need to binge on this game every few months. No idea why. Maybe because I love the lore.


Maybe that would work, if I don’t have to remember too many things.


BTW, listening to the latest episode of the Three Moves Ahead podcast actually almost makes me want to install the Bungie-developed Myth series again. They were so good!! And they’ve been updated to run on modern hardware and everything.


OMG I wanna do the same thing. Gonna break out my Myth 2 disks this weekend.


Actually (not absolutely sure about this) you may not even need to do that. Per what they were saying on the podcast, the place to go is http://projectmagma.net


I want the single player stuff too dude.


Will do. Installing now.


Yeah, I was wrong–looks like you have to scare up the old CDs or images thereof one way or another. The link to get the game looks like it points to eBay (which is nuts nearly 20 years later).


Didn’t get to play much before I had to make dinner. The opening really reminds me of Asheron’s Call. When you play it you’ll understand. :)


It’s a crime these aren’t available digitally.


Just installed everything, worked GREAT. Main menu is in a window but game itself is full 1080p. Loaded the tutorial and it was spleeeendid.

OMG and this brings in all the maps from Myth 1 into Myth 2.


The installer program still works?! (the one on the discs)


This weekend I’ll be playing a lot of Star Control: Origins beta with people online and playing with gravity.


Shockingly yes. It installed just fine.


Is Nioh the Dark Souls of Dynasty Warriors? :O

I’ll be playing Pike and Shot Campaigns and Chronicon - the gamepad support patch to Diablo 2.

So true, and frustating when you have no idea where you put those discs.


My place is such a hoarder’s paradise that I actually have a pretty good idea of where mine are. :-/


Battlefront 2 (2017) , I think I am already “hate-playing” it after 5 hours.
AssCreed Origins


Appears you don’t need to run the installer itself if you don’t want to, all you need is the ‘tags’ folder from the CD: http://tain.totalcodex.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7072

I had no idea this was a thing. Time to destroy my rose-colored glasses!


Fortnite PvE.


After finishing CoD: WWII, I got Modern Warfare Remastered (on the Xbox Black Friday sale) just to see if it was my nostalgia playing a trick with me when I thought that the old Infinity Wards games had so much better campaigns. And, no, the missions design in Modern Warfare actually was just that much better.