What will you play in the weekend?


Finished the story in Destiny 2. The gameplay feels like Borderlands 2 crossed with Guild Wars 2. The level design is really good, and the art direction too. Too bad about the writing.


I’m back to Rimworld. Now if only I can get someone who knows how to cook so my people aren’t waist-deep in vomit all the time…


Nioh is so good, you all. Soooo good.


Yep, in the top 5 this year for me. So good I bought it twice. :)


The tonfas are giving the game new life for me. Never used them much before I got tired of my PS4 save.

Just finished the second region, which I like the least. All good from here!


I’ve played some Cuphead, Bejeweled 3 and Age of Fear: The Undead King.


I ended up playing:

  • Skyrim
  • Hellgate: London with the London 2038 mod, which is great.
  • Tooth and Tail
  • The Walking Vegetables, which is shockingly fun.
  • Zero-K, an amazing and free Total Annihilation-style RTS game.

All in all really great.


It’s RTSs like this that do something different that tempt me now. Like Infested Planet too.


Exactly, it’s streamlined UI and quick sessions make me really happy.


Zero-K looks quite nice!


It really is. I watched the AI play itself as a spectator and it was really great.


Is there any way to buy this game? Or a safe download?


Not available digitally, sadly.


Thats too bad - I really enjoyed the original game - its a 3d first person scifi diablo-like - whats not to love!


It’s worth tracking down for those as it’s loads of fun. Disks are going on eBay for like $6.


My weekend gaming went like this. Watched a bunch of Crusader King’s Let’s Plays because I finally want to learn this game. I ran through the tutorial and felt like I had a handle on it. Yesterday afternoon I started a game as Ireland. I was immediately hit with “You have a claim you can press.” Exited the game, tried to figure out what that meant, and then didn’t get back to it because it got so late.

I will learn you, CK2!


I played through The Keep - a somewhat stripped down dungeon crawler that I believe was originally a DS release in 2014. I enjoyed it a lot.

Nice to play something from that genre that targets players who want to enjoy themselves instead of having to restart multiple times because they didn’t pick character builds that the game deigns to offer enough equipment for in order to continue progressing. I’m looking at you Legends of Grimrock 2.


Apparently what I’ll play all weekend long is Hollow Knight, which is really excellent. It doesn’t feel the need to be agonizingly hard like a lot of Metroidvanias, and it’s not only just beautifully drawn, it really has a unique and well-realized tone.


Thanks to FF14 server maintenance I finally got around to (and beat) one of my backlogged Humble Monthly games: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. Solid Metroidvania with a fantastic soundtrack and I was able to knock it out in about 4 hours.


I didn’t play Fallout 4 when it came out and just got the GOTY on sale for Xbox One (looking forward to the upcoming One X graphical enhancements).

So I’ll be figuring out base building and starting my exploration of the world. I’m hoping 2 years worth of patches and DLC mean I’ll enjoy the game at its best and have a lot to see.