What will you play in the weekend?


It took me about 20 seconds to realize you weren’t talking about a game set in Tennessee.


Warframe, Portal 2


Good idea. I got him with a variation of this by luring him into a barn full of hay with a fusilade of arrows, backstabbing him, then hightailing it out of there while firebombing the barn and trying to trap him with a chariot. He busted right through that and would have killed me but I grabbed a camel and starting raining drive-by maul smacks on his head. Eventually he went down, but what a fight!


I started played Everyones Gone to the Rapture, but I’ll have to see how long I last. I don’t have a great track record with walking simulators, but it looked to pretty that I needed to try it.


I just managed to tear myself away from Rimworld after losing track of time. At least it’s not literally a quarter to three yet. It’s really good at throwing just enough challenges at you that there’s always one more crisis you need to solve or one more thing you want to accomplish.


Been having a lot of fun with Bomber Crew.


This weekend, for me, has been all over the place. For the blog, I made videos of:

This morning I’m gonna stream a few hours of:

Followed by at least a video of:

For myself, I’ve been playing a TON of this since I purchased it the other day (and will play more today):

Along with some of this, which I’m still on the fence about:

And definitely some more of this, which I’m still getting the hang of but really enjoying:

Overall it’s been a great weekend. :)


Been playing Nioh all weekend. A old guy with no controller skills that makes up for it by being stubborn.


How do you like PvZ: GW2 so far?


Love it. Love it so much.


Don’t Starve Together and this:

I usually avoid Rogue-like anything, and anything of that nature. Don’t Starve Together is coop though and I love exploration. This one is also exploration and I am a little obsessed, okay a lot, trying to unlike all the explorers. I have one to go, but I am not sure that will satisfy my compulsion to unlock everything else or, you know, gold frame all explorers.


This weekend I’ve been playing Soldam (still $10 on the Switch eShop, and worth it if you’re up for trying an arcade puzzle game you’ve probably never seen before), Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and my usual mobile standbys Puzzle & Dragons and Dungeon Rush, plus a newer game I’ve been playing called Merge Dragons!, which is an interesting spin on the core gameplay mechanic of Triple Town.


The Curious Expedition for me as well. I am jealous of you for having unlocked almost all of them. I think I still have six or so to go. Family stuff meant not much time for anything else except the occasional half-hour session of the above.


Well then be prep-pared for more jealousy :-)

It says I put in 61 hours into this game. I would say at around the 40 hour mark I started recognizing patterns, aka in all but the snow biome I know where the shrines are, most the villages and the trader is easy to pick out except when you find the slavers. Temples can be extremely awesome, oh and I think the wiki might be slightly wrong on some of the explorers. I picked up Harriet Tubman and that Cardinal guy, my last unlock, under slightly less strict circumstances than the board gays, good standing seems to be +1 not +2. And I gave up trying to get him when I realized I might just win with my pacifist!

Now the item unlocks… I am thinking I have to up the difficulty to try and get that… and I am not sure I am up to the task for that.


Started playing Abzu last night, it’s a pretty great little game, in a very relaxing and very non-competitive way. It’s pretty cool to just swim around and see the sights, not have to worry about killing or being killed. Makes a great little breather between games that, you know, involve killing or being killed.


Started Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain (done Ground Zero in lightning speed). Having not played a Kojima game since, I don’t know, Metal Gear on NES, this feels very gamey. Whereas stealth games like Splinter Cell goes for naturalism and realism, MGS5 sticked to the absurd. You can’t be spotted in broad daylight in a desert, as long as you are far away. When you are spotted, there is an exclamation mark above the enemy that spotted you. Common sense goes out of the window. Ground Zero at least makes more sense, given that bad weather obscures vision.

Those Paz monologues go on and on and sound like fanfic. The whole backstory seems like a fanfic, although I don’t mind the wtf supernatural angle. I’m yet to get to Quiet but I’ve heard all about her. She dresses like THAT going into battle? And Kojima invented a backstory to justify THAT?

I may or may not continue, because I’m kind of bored already. That Mother Base base building mechanics seems all like busy work.


I should start paying more attention to the patterns. I can tell when I’m approaching a pyramid or a cave, but knowing the others would be helpful. I’ve spent my past three games trying to finish first with Marcus Garvey, but his sanity penalty is making it tough. By the fourth or fifth expedition (the one where buried pyramids start appearing on normal difficulty), I can’t afford all the supplies I need, one of my companions turns cannibal and eats another, my donkey’s wound festers and it dies, and then I get killed by poison gas or something while trying to make a mad dash toward the pyramid. Might be time to move on to another character. Frustrating, but I still love this game.


I played around with a bunch of characters early on until I found a few that were easier for my play style. It’s hard to go wrong with a hunter and a cook, Frederick Courtney Selous, was the first one I one with although his camp site might cause you to turtle which is not good. throw in a journalist or an artist and you can single shot a lot of baddies.Careful though if the natives turn on you it gets nasty.

Knowing where the shrines are, the trader and the shaman’s hut is super useful because you don’t want to approach those until you’re ready. Knowing the consequence of the shrine, also super important. There are simply times when you should not anger the gods. Oh and ditch the donkey if you can! 1 or 2 in. If you can’t the you’re stuck leveling up that stupid four-legged waste of space.


So I did play a lot of Guild Wars 2 and Nioh, and a bit of World of Final Fantasy… but I did play one other game a lot more than I expected: Helium Rain. A very promising game so far, I’d say.


I resubbed to Final Fantasy XIV for a month, mostly to partake in some dungeon-running. And that was pretty much all I played for the whole weekend!