What will you play in the weekend?


I don’t know why it only just occurred to me to read the game’s wiki. I assumed you unlocked new characters by completing the last expedition with different explorers. I guess I was blindly stumbling into new characters. A few of those unlock conditions sound tricky.


They hint at what you have to do on the empty pic but some of the hints are pretty darn vague. To unlock some of them, and one for certain, you can’t actually win which makes a number of them intentional efforts but you might have to abandon it and just survive. I wound up unlocking and winning that last one by accident because I swear someone said good standing was 2 and I had ended one expedition with 1.


Finished up playing the bulk of Slime Rancher over the long weekend. Not too much left for me to do in the base game and my next step is unlock the Ogden’s Wild section that released last month. On the whole, the game reminds me of Minecraft without the building/survival - so, I guess, just the exploration and farming stuff. Fun and chill.


Are there enemies in this game, or you’re just doing the ranching part? Considering whether my kids would like this.


There’s a more casual mode that removes the “enemies”, but I’m playing the standard way. The enemies aren’t a big deal to handle, so I suspect you wouldn’t lose much gameplay by turning them off to begin with.


I finished my re-play of Bioshock 1 and figure to start up Fallout 4.


Four day weekend starts now. And look what just released… Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


I will play some Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (that game is really, really cool), and maybe finish Virginia.


Hmmm. Flashpoint Campaigns… I have that in my backlog. Strongly recommended you say?


I am enjoying it very much, because of all the smart way it represents logistics issues on a quite personal scale (battalion, I think?). And the theme is just cold war kid fantasy, it is golden.
Maybe because I spent some time with Pike and Shot right before playing it, the contrast of the destruction power is quite staggering ;)
It may feel too hands-off to some, but I enjoy trying to set up plans and see them all fail because the AI chose an approach different to what I thought and my recon units weren’t covering the right space.
In all case, it is a very simple system, that can be mastered in one or two hours. A very far cry from CMANO and such.
The scenarios don’t take hours and hours to play either, which is nice.


Just got a nation for the new MP Dominions 5 game here, so lots of learning and testing this weekend.

In between, working on my base on our ARK: Survival Evolved server and trying to fill my new water pen.


I have a ton of free time coming up this weekend, so for the blog’s weekly game I plan to hit:

Plus one-off videos covering:

For myself, definitely more of:

And this, which I just started for the first time the other day and am REALLY enjoying:

Should be a good weekend overall. :)


Working this weekend. :(

So probably just a few turns of Antihero.


Carrier Wars 2016: Blood on the Sand (Deserts of Kharak)


I’m going to get through Before the Storm. It is high time!


I’m still hungry for Nioh comfort food. I thought I’d be too sick of the game to play it again on PC, yet now I’m hooked again.

It helps that progress is so brisk the second time through. I should finish the base game in about 25 hours.


Probably some Aviary Attorney and Rusty Lake Hotel.


I hate you !


Tonite I will be playing Korean barbecue with the wife for our anniversary. Then Path of Exile. I actually spent money on it, so I am completely addicted.


Congrats, I hope you have many happy years together.