What will you play in the weekend?


If you play without enemies on you also miss a great enemy which mutates everything it touches and can ruin whole areas. I forget what it’s called but it’s black and has glowy eyes.



Received my new racing wheel bundle yesterday, and assembled it last night. I foresee a lot of Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa this weekend.


DCS: Harrier released on Wednesday, and got its first hotfix today. I plan to spend a lot of time learning how to make it hover.


Tarr slimes!




Grim Dawn has finally clicked with me so more of that.
Hacknet! I just discovered this game and it’s a blast.
Also breaking in my Black Friday deals. Fancy new Corsair keyboard and mouse.


Airborne wasn’t as good as the first two versions of the game but it has some interesting play. The one that follows about the Pacific is not as good, it has one really frustrating part, but also some good parts.

I still have all the games in boxes but haven’t seen them on any of the services yet. Where did you find it?


I am playing Fallout 4, about 3-4 hours in. A little different, really slow loading times although the game itself is playing fine. Just came across my first deathclaw.


This one is on Steam and Origin.


I didn’t know Steam had any of those.

Doing the parachute drops is kinda fun in that game.


I ended up starting a game of Civilization VI (first time since release I think).

I also remember liking Call of the Juarez: Gunslinger a lot years ago so I started another game of that at the hardest difficulty. It’s hard. No crosshairs, or HUD. I doubt I’m liking it as much as playing on HARD, but I’ve already done that.

I’ve also been dabbling In Bejeweled 3 and some Skyrim SE.


Medal of Honor Airborne (to me) has the best control system of any FPS ever. The use of the analog sticks to move your character when in cover, is something that I can’t believe every single person that’s made a shooter since hasn’t copied.


I also loved their use of the trigger as a sniper. You had to slowly squeeze the trigger.

It’s still my brother’s favorite shooter of all time. I wouldn’t go that far personally, but it’s up there.


It was you who convinced me to get it in the first place, though I’m playing with mouse and keyboard.


Wait what? That’s not a thing using the mouse, but I LOVE sniping. Should I be playing with a gamepad?!


Huh, I think I own Medal of Honor Airborne, maybe I should give it a look. As for what I played, for reasons I can’t completely explain, I played through Dead Space Ignition. Five times. In a weekend. I mean, I guess I can explain it, I did it for achievements, as is my occasional wont. And it’s easy to blow through an entire session in a half hour or so (in fact, one achievement is for beating the game is less than 25 minutes), choosing different options being one motivation for replaying. Plus achievements. Anyway, I meant to get into Soma this weekend, but didn’t happen. OK, maybe later tonight, guess there’s a shred of weekend left.


I have never been able to play a shooter with a controller. I tried COD with my daughters XBox but it just wasn’t easy for me to do. Maybe if I had started with a controller or committed myself to it but I think using the mouse and keypad is just easier.


A quick question for anyone out there who has played Fallout 4. I see they give you power armor really early in the game. I chose to leave it behind, after taking the mini-gun of course. As long as I know where it is should I need it I am fine proceeding without it, right?


Yes- I never use it.