What will you play in the weekend?


It just had an amazingly huge update, you should check it out.


Funny thing is that I’m also playing stuff like Resonance of Fate HD, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Dragon Quest XI and more. I should be playing any of those, but I was bitten by this 3030 bug.

As for Guacamelee, I watched Coco with my kid last weekend (and he loved it), so Guacamelee’s Mexiverse makes for great father-kid bonding gaming right now. ;)


More Slay the Spier and RDR2 is 100% my entire weekend.


Star Traders: Frontiers for sure. It’s a remarkably deep and engaging starship sim, and the devs have been providing an exceptional level of post release support.

Probably some Field of Glory II and Sniper Elite 4 in multiplayer, as well.


That sounds like a pretty good weekend!


Some RDR2 , Skyforce Reloaded, and Antihero!

As much as I want to play Hitman 2, gotta finish up Arthur Morgan’s story first.


Going to play some Rise of the Tomb Raider - second one in the reboot trilogy - which I am quite enjoying despite the godawful story. (Daddy issues are a plague on 21st century story telling.)


I"m quite busy this weekend, but I’ m sure I’ll find time for some quick Diablo 3 Switch on-the-go.


Did you end up buying it, Brian?

I just got a PS4 Pro and RDR2 so I’ll be playing a lot of that, probably, but I’m already thinking about an alternative controller because the default PS4 one makes my left thumb joint hurt.


I did, can’t wait to dive in hopefully today.


Finished Dead Space and feel lost. I was loving it, I want more. If only there was a sequel.

Until then, it’s back to Bard’s Tale IV and trying to figure out why I’ve utterly forgotten how to play Elite Dangerous. I also tried Diabo 3 on the Switch and it seems suitably glorious, but it might be better suited to some upcoming travel.


Rinworld and Warhammer 2!


I can only speak for myself but testing a new cpu capabilities this week: Warhammer 2, Ac:Ody (of course – I love K), and some Warhammer 2 with the new expansion. Btw that new expansion changes mechanics and the map.

Some Skyrim: Enhanced on legendary because I am apparently a glutton for punishment.


I accidentally posted this in the “watch this weekend” thread.

Played a round of Antiquity and 1846 yesterday. I’ll also finish the campaign with my necromancer on diablo 3 on the switch.


New California. Slay the Spire.


Well, I got my second pilot killed pretty quickly at Knights of the Sky, tried flying the F117 (quite unsuccessfully, I’d have a few questions because it seems there are a some gaps between what the manual explains and how the game is actually played). Then, because of @jpinard, I tried to jump into Railroad Tycoon for the xxxth times and, as I only got 4 hours of sleep, I’d say that attempt was successful. One of the things is that I was always confused by the interface. But it’s a pretty nice interface actually! Only it is so remote from all our modern conceptions, it seems alien at first.
Microprosey weekend, eh.


two words for you m8: Tank Platoon.

It’s been good knowing ya ;-)


I did play quite a bit of Guacamelee STCE with my kid. And I ended up playing a whole lot of Galaxy of Pen and Paper +1 Edition for whatever reason. It was fun.

Also played a bit of Resonance of Fate HD. I have no idea what’s going on storywise, but the gameplay is awesome. ;)


Like Railroad Tycoon, I confess M1 Tank Platoon’s been installed forever, its manual loaded on the iPad for a long time as well, but I haven’t yet touched it properly. I seem to remember regretting there were no mouse controls, and that there was a weird inertia in the cursor’s movements on the map, that made using the gamepad for that purpose mandatory. But it’s about a subject matter I am so ignorant about, reading the manual will sure provide lots of insights — as usual.


That manual was so good, i think i still keep it around.