What will you play in the weekend?


As a newbie who has played both games for the first time this past month, I share @BrianRubin’s opinion: you need to not care at all about graphics as a prerequisite (I am lucky on that front) and while F-117 looks midly better, besides that, I think that F-19 is better fleshed out in its details.
Also, to get a bit technical, F-117 needs to be played at a very low cycles count in DOSBox to be accurate (the same count, around 3500, as F-19), which results in a much lower framerate than the older F-19 over populated areas! If you want smooth frames in F-117, the AI will simply practically stop working, taking out the suspense aspect of the game which gives life to it.
Anyway, F-19 is a fine game, but it relies on an older concept to keep you playing: the chase for score. There is no dynamic campaign like in the title @scharmers recommended, nor a story based ones. I spent about 6 hours playing over a dozen of missions in F-19, and I see me playing a little more (chasing those medals!), but not much more.
Microprose’s Knights of the Sky had a similar score chase elements, but the campaign also features a progression in time which made it more absorbing than F-19/F-117’s. I really like Knights of the Sky a lot, for all its faults ;)


Thirdwire’s forum is gone as well, not even linked any more. I can imagine that TK has finally, after long last, washed his hands of the PC sim world, and is focusing strictly on his mobile titles.

If this is the case, then there might be people out there who know where you can get it if you really want it.


I’ll probably be playing more space tyrant.

It’s a cut down game with some really annoying design decisions and you can cheese it BUT the simple gameplay cycle has its hooks in me.



The same thing I play every weekend - Red Dead Redemption 2! But this weekend, in 4K!


For me, this weekend is gonna be all about Forza Horizon 3, Guild Wars 2, 3030 Deathwar Redux and Ghost Recon Wildlands, most likely. In that order, I think.


Freakin’ schweet! What 4K TV Did you buy? I’m playing at 1080p on my Panny Plasma (among the last ones made, sniff) and it already looks amazing.


Went with the LG C8 after doing a fair amount of research. Hoping it turns out pretty great!


This came in the mail today.

I wonder what I may be playing


So I am playing Dark Souls 3, again.


  1. The new Fallout 76…what is it?

  2. I saw on Steam that apparently Fallout 3 and Windows 10 don’t get along. Is that true? I keep thinking I will buy it during one of the holiday sales, but not if the DL’d version has problems. I already have it on disk and could play it with an older PC.


Sooooo good that! Ill never forget twaring down the fjords in that.



Oh look! Maybe I’ll play a bit too, then. ;)


The expansions are on sale, so I decided to dive back in. It’s been so long I’ve no idea what I’m doing, but it’s sure pretty on the new rig.


I had problems getting FO3 to run reliably in Windows 7, which is truly unforgivable of Bethesda considering they KNEW Win7 was coming out during the very Fall 2008 window as the damned game.

From what I understand, though, there’s a mod out there called Tale of Two Wastelands which lets you play the FO3 game in the New Vegas engine. I’m assuming you have to import assets or something from FO3.


Speaking of NV, I’ll be playing New California.


Surviving Mars managed to hook me from the free weekend. While it’s obvious it won’t last forever (like a good sim), it should last several dozens of hours. And it’s calming / Zen as a break between other games.

I picked up Total War: Warhammer 2 on sale last weekend, even though I haven’t finished a campaign in the first yet (but have played plenty the last few weeks to know I’m a big fan). Wish I’d known the first game is effectively included in the second Mortal Empires campaign, plus some very welcome UI improvements - would have upgraded earlier. Can see this being my regular for quite some time to come.


Anyone? I also wanna know.


I guess I may restart Bard’s Tale IV. Play a bit of Kassandra (and more if it lures me) and some Fallout 4 heavily modded survival mode so I can stay humble and get killed a lot.

I’f a land a nice big fat client tomorrow I may wander over to the Bethesda Website and buy Fallout’76 and look for wonderglue and duct tape from zombies while I find off the other 23 weirdos playing. We’ll see.

Oh and a very funny Warhammer 2 campaign if I have the time.


It’s like interstate '76 but in fallout? :P It’s the new Bethesda thing, Fallout as an MMO. I for one am totally and utterly uninterested in any of that.


Thanks. I actually just heard the new Gamers with Jobs podcast discuss it, and they said it was still pretty buggy, and that even grouping could be a problem. An MMO where grouping is a problem?