What will you play in the weekend?


It’s more toward one of those multiplayer “survival game” things, apparently. Certainly it’s not what I’m looking for from a Fallout game.


Skyrim VR, Astro Bot VR, Tetris Effect. Yep, got a new PSVR set. The immersion will be strong this weekend.


Starsector and more Starsector.


Loved that game. One of my favorite sims ever. I remember it ran like a dog on my rig back then - which was a 486 dx2 66 with 16Mb of ram and a 2d video accelerator card. I convinced my father I needed it to run physics simulations…


RE: EF2k

A Good SoundFont+
EF2K DOS set for MT32




I confess to having shut off the music as my first move.




Deep Madness board game
Pavlov’s House board game
A Distant Plain board game.

Fallout 76


I looked up a bit, and on my Mac, Boxer (the local, fancy DOSBox) ran the game quite sluggishly, and had no voodoo support.
The DOSBox ECE you mentionned has voodoo support, but the game wasn’t working here, crashing back to DOS on loading the simulation. I found a special version of DOSBox released in 2013, “EF2000 reloaded”, that works perfectly (running it through Wine here, to top it off!), with a small caveat: its voodoo support prevents switching in or out of fullscreen, which is why they recommend playing in an oversized window.
I have just done that, and to celebrate, I turned on the CD soundtrack.
Just played my first dogfight, where I hardly did anything but told my buddy to engage while I was only tracking down the crashing enemies with my gun, thanks to the all the knowledge I acquired reading the dry manual this past week, but it was glorious.


I am currently reading up on the rules of Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain in roder to play it on Friday. It’s been a few years since the last time I played (or participated in an attempt to play, rather) a COIN game, but I like what I’m seeing in this so far.




I don’t think I could play using that engine again. :(

There’s a poll in another thread where THROUGH THE POWER OF VOTING!!! we determine what genre it belongs to. Not sure what the tally is at this moment.

(Actually, I created the poll and just about everyone ignored it.)


There were 22 votes! Thats a good amount for our forum. :)


Your group should totally start the game by looking at the win statistics and gang up on people based on that:


I’m not sure I’m smart enough to read that graph. If Space Cats has taught me anything I know races aren’t even. I’m hoping that someone at FFG is taking notes and the expansion will add some more objectives/hididen objectives that help the other races. That said, I usually give beginners Sol, Jol, or Barony.

I still haven’t played Ghost, Yin or Yssaril.


Hmm I think I will be playing Fallout 4 survival a bit …. darkside detective (from the recent steam sale) and Warhammer 2 if I can find the time.

Note that Fallout 4: survival mode isn’t really about hunger and thirst (though that is a problem for you). What makes that game fun in that mode is the increased deadliness. Damage incoming and damage outgoing is vastly increased.

I just wish my ssd drive would help me with load times more better.




EF2000 Reloaded is wonderful.


A week later, another EF 2000 weekend here!

I just played an amazing dogfight. I was hugging the floor on my way home, and mountains couldn’t protect me from three bandits who managed to detect me. I got one during their approach with an aim-120, then the two last proceeded to harass me in close quarters. I panicked and shot a couple of asraam at one of them while locking him looking at him in my back (it surprisngly worked. it also surprisingly felt quite good). The last one I tried to pull away from, to no good, and after 15 minutes he finally got me with his cannon.
I have so much to learn, but I did incredibly better than I ever did in a dogfight before.