What will you play in the weekend?


I kicked off today with some Warframe, and will probably spend some time with DCS too, perhaps with one of the dynamic campaign mods and the Hornet or Harrier.


It’s going to be LOTRO. I finally made it to Mordor last night so I can’t stop now…


Hopefully digging into RDR 2, finally.

But if I don’t find a few quality hours to indulge in that, will probably spend a little time on FFXIII.

Also just got my Limited Run Games copy of Salt & Sanctuary for the Vita so may give that a try, curious about its “2D Dark Souls” gameplay.

Picked up AC: Origins on Black Friday and very curious about it, but using some serious will power not to play it and wait until I get to Black Flag and Unity which I’ve had for some time and Syndicate which I got a few months ago.

Feel like I’ve sunk into a serious pit of back log I can’t get out of. I keep buying games I haven’t the time to play. Still sitting on unwrapped copies of games from the last 3 or 4 years plus a multitude of barely played ones. It seems these days I just “sample” games - install them, play them for an hour or two and then start to play something else. The last game I finished was Mass Effect 2, two years ago.

Someone should start a Gaming Life Coach business to set up individualized strategies to attack ones gaming back logs.


You need therapy. And when you find the right therapist, please be so kind as to give me their number. I seem to be suffering from the same condition.


Battle Brothers - the kind of game I’ll never get that good at, but enjoy dying over and over again with in the first 20 days.

Assassin’s Creed Origins - a little burnt out about 20 hours in, so this will probably slip into the ‘slow burn’ category of open world games; squeezing out a story mission every few days until I finish that.


Battle Brothers.

maybe PoE2.


The Witcher 3 minus the DLC since I don’t own them.
Motorsport Manager possibly.


That didn’t last long. Unavoidable crash on chapter 14 of NGS2. Plus all the levels I have left in Demon’s Souls completely suck, so I’ll quit here.

Maybe I’ll play Darksiders 2.


Today I played carpenter and remodelled my sons’ schools bike shed.
Later, after the kids went to bed, I had a great time at the Mudspike 4th annual fall fly-in. Getting my first truly positive experience with DCS multiplayer.

Gonna do some more of that tomorrow :D


War for the Overworld, CrossCode, Hearthstone, and Senua’s Sacrifice (VR) will likely consume some of my weekend.


This weekend is looking like it’s going to be a lot of Red Alert 2.


Disastrous gaming weekend continues. Played a little Wonderful 101 on Cemu and forgot what a grind it was. And I don’t think I can tolerate the camera in Darksiders 2.

I think I’ll give up and get some jobs done. I need to get ready for 200 hours with Kingdom Come, Divinity OS 2, and Monster Hunter.


What little time I have this weekend is mostly putzing around in Monster Hunter World. This is so counter to my normal style of game (I’m using it via my son’s shared library), yet I think I’m getting hooked. Maybe I don’t really know my style of game.


I am sorely tempted to upgrade my games collection on the switch, and I think Diablo 3 is the ticket?


You just need to change the way you think about your backlog. If you were to go into somebody’s house and see that they had an entire room built as a library, filled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with books, would you think, you need to stop buying books, you’ll never read all those? Similarly, people build up collections or even libraries of movies, or music. They don’t carry with them the same feeling of obligation that games do.

Now partly that’s because games can have a shelf life - what looked gorgeous or played wonderfully today might not hold up two or three years from now. But I contend that a good game is a good game, and worth checking in on every so often to remind us why we loved it. Also, no reason you can’t collect a bunch of games you may not play today but may totally want for a rainy day. That’s not for everyone, but then again there’s no reason for shame if you do.


I love this post. I used to berate myself about my backlog. Then, this year I started looking at it like you. I enjoy collecting games. Seeing what’s coming next, trying it out, and perhaps playing to completion, shelving it, or coming back later. It was more fun owning the boxes and manuals back in the day but I still love the process.

I love supporting Developers that I respect and want to see more products from. If there is a game type that I want more of, (For me is specifically Turn Based RPG’s) I always jump in right away to show my support.


That’s a great way of looking at it. And you’re right, I have a ton of unwatched movies I’ve purchased in the last few year’s and don’t give it much thought, but I know if I have a couple of free hours one evening I can watch one in its entirety whereas I would need several dozen hours to get the most out of an RPG.

You’re also right about that sense of obligation. I think coming here and to other gaming sites increases that feeling: everyone in a community is talking about Best Game Ever 4, but you can’t be part of the conversation because you’re still making your way through BGE 2 and it’s hard to even be a spectator when you’re trying to avoid spoilers. So it makes you feel like you need to catch up.

I guess I just sometimes question whether my heart is in this hobby if I don’t make time to indulge in it when I can, but I still get enjoyment out of it even with minimal time invested so I answer my own question.


Kicking it old school on the PS2:

No console can ever match the glorious library that belonged to that SonyBox.


There’s a reason it’s the greatest selling console of all time!

I think I bought 2 or 3 new PS2 games this year I was missing in my collection. It’s a shame the Vita wasn’t a bigger success here in the U.S., I imagine there would have been more PS2 ports if it had been. What I would give for a PS4 that was truly backward compatible with the PS2 and PS3.

Is Baroque any good?


I have a PS2 slim in my bedroom. I should break it out.