What will you play in the weekend?




It’s good, but hard as nails, and very, very opaque. FAQs will help immensely, but will spoil a lot, too.


The Test Drive series pisses me off something fierce. It was home to some of the worst rubber banding cheating bastard AI in any racing series ever.

I hate it so much.


Eve of Destruction is the best and I’ll fight you.


Sure, I’ll let you have that.

It’s the best game in a series I despise ;)


I played “real life mock trial in a federal case with a fascinating jury deliberation --we had one way mirrors”

yeah I had a tough weekend.

Friday and Saturday we (4 co-defendant lawyers and I) had a huge mock jury trial --professionally done. We had one way mirrors on their deliberations. Most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen in my professional career.

So no I hardly played a thing. Except tonight losing over and over to a Warhammer 2 belgar ironhammer Karak -8 peaks mortal empires campaign.


Yet another EF2000 reading and playing weekend.
Did I tell you about the strategy guide?
Seriously, what an amazing read. As soon as a concept confuses me, the mind reading authors explain it a couple pages later.
This whole thing has become the KSP of dogfighting for me.
I thus grabbed an early xmas toy to reward myself (?).
(don’t tell my wife)

I forget my manner: an EF2000 weekend post isn’t complete without a poke at @BrianRubin!


Geek Weekend !!! 5/6 person Lan party starting tonight at 6 and goes to Sunday at 6. Old Fashions, Mojitos, Autumns Bottoms up (look it up) , pizza, Chinese, junk food … oh… games too. Dirt 4, Grid 2, Ashes of the Singularity, StarCraft II arcade, Killing Floor 2, Offworld Trading Company plus others. 5 of us over 50 and the wife’s are happy to get a break.


Sir, you’re an inspiration. Are you running Windows 10?


OS X 10.11. I’m playing running various Windows DOSBoxes in Wine, but because it’s a Mac laptop, I can’t plug my old VGA monitor in easily, nor the CM-32L. MT-32 emulation is pretty good nowadays, though!


I admire this - running dosbox through wine on osx? Is that a nightmare of kluging or does it kind of work? I ask because I might want to try that on my macbook pro.

Also where did you find a copy of EF2000? Is it available digitally? You are making me want to have a trip down memory lane!


Sadly it’s not…so…yeah…


Fine choice Sir. That thing has the exact same innards as my full metal top-of-the-market grognard-level warthog stick. You should be able to make smooth landings, elegant manoeuvres and precise gun skills with it!


I am using the Easywine app to tie .exes to Wine from the Finder. DOSBox is nice enough to allow such a simple usage.
If you are familiar with DOSBox and don’t need a front end to configure it, running it through Wine works beautifully: I double click the build customized for EF2000 in the Finder and it launches like any app would. It recognizes my joystick without any fuss.
You have lots of options to run Wine on the Mac (custom wrappers you can build, various massive launcher-gui thingies…), but since DOSBox works right out of the… box that, I just use that simple method for it.
On the Mac side, you have Boxer, which is a now defunct but still very sexy port of DOSBox with a lovely front end, screen filters and MT-32 emulation, and ways to access game’s documentation directly from it. Sadly, it’s got a couple of issues: you have to compile it yourself to get a working build on a modern OS X, it is slow (all Mac DOSBox builds really are in my experience, compared to running one in Wine), it doesn’t have the input mapping function of DOSbox (which is very much needed, oftentimes) and it’s got that fancy effect when you use a throttle that will freeze the DOS emulation while you are playing with it!
As for EF2000, as Brian said, nope :( If you find a copy, you will also have to install it, which is a major pain in the ass on modern Windows from what I understand — in Wine it is surprisingly easy.
Because of the way Voodoo emulation works, I run the game at a low res (640x480). You can go way higher, up to your native res, and the voodoo will scale beautifully, but the MFD integration with the cockpit when you zoom in glitches, breaking my carefully built immersion. I prefer the blur!


It’s incredible: I have never had a joystick this good in my hands. I was so used to have to set up deadzones, and limit my own movements to try to achieve precision: while the plastic is cheap, this thing is in a whole other dimension!
I am very, very jealous of the cold feeling you must experience grabbing yours in the morning ;)


It’s cold, hard and so stiff it would give me shoulder aches on extended use before I started working out regularly…

It’s also the fulfillment of a very long dream, especially combined with that other piece of high end flight sim equipment, the oculus rift.


I’m not sure if we’re still talking about joysticks anymore…


Good weekend coming up! Just Cause 4, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Stellaris MegaCorp.


Some combination of Smash, Spider-Man, Diablo 3, God of War, and Final Fantasy XIV. Getting easier to justify a staycation to knock some of these out.


I’m catching up on a huge backlog, and will be playing Far Cry Primal and Dishonored 2, along with the usual League of Legends. League tends to eat a lot of time, so my backlog always grows, but I get to buy all my games on sale or in bundles.