What will you play in the weekend?


I don’t know. Maybe X4. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Pillars of Eternity 2 and Monster Hunter World are likely. Maybe even Guild Wars 2 or Grim Dawn (comfort food-games).

Or maybe I’m too tired to even play games. We’ll see. ;)


If I were an Indian, I’d be Poke-A-HOTAS


When i was like 15 I brought home my first flight stick. Some logitech jobbie. I took a metric fuckton of flak from mom and sis about it looking phallic and kinky and was I sure I liked the girls in class?! that episode inured me forever to feeling shame about the dildo-like properties of my favorite hard, stiff and black desk ornament.


I was thinking about Stellaris, but they absolutely destroyed my precious machine empires with the new patch so I’m deferring that until Wiz gets his planned improvements in. Likely to binge on an assortment of RTS games again, with plenty of time in Red Alert 2: Red Resurrection.


Darkest Dungeon. I have no DLC’s but I’ve finally got a group that might be able to win. Also more RDR2.


Played a game of Agents of SMERSH. Was enjoyable, I liked the encounter book better than the card approach of Arkham/Eldritch Horror.

Going to the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society Convention tomorrow, so will play some board games. Who knows what!?! Maybe an 18XX or whatever else interesting opportunity that shows up.


Kenshi. Totally hooked.


Despite my huge backlog, I just got that and am looking forward to playing it.


Stellaris 2.2 (no MegaCorp) - at least dabbling to familiarize myself with the new mechanics. I have a positive impression, but worry that the other warts in the game are still significant enough to warrant further pause until Wiz finishes his bottom up redo. The AI seems very lame even on Grand Admiral / Aggressive.

Factorio - finally tempted in by a video I saw. It scratches a very good itch. Probably will drop hundreds of hours into this one.

AC Origins - gradual grind through the campaign - love the visuals but can only take a hour or so of the gameplay at a time.


Still discovering new stuff in New Vegas (!)

With the right patches and .DLLs, it’s remarkably stable in Win10.


More Monster Hunter World. I’m still a bad player, but it distills the game loop of MMOs down to a bare minimum - so even though it is a grind fest, it is a grind fest I can do in even smaller spurts than most MMOs and still get the itch scratched. I unsubbed from WoW for the moment, even.


I plan to bounce around between lots of games, the bolded titles will likely get the most attention:

MtG: Arena
DragonQuest XI
Slay the Spire

And once I’ve setup my Oculus Rift in our new place, I’ll dive into:

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
Beat Saber


Magic Arena, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and my current guilty pleasure, MapleStory.


So far, Grim Dawn, Heat Signature, and Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


I have been trying to advance into the Ringed City DLC in Dark Souls 3. I am about ready to give it up.


Busy ish weekend coming up.

If I have the time, it’ll be Battle Brothers probably.


I figured with the cold weather I would have more gaming time lately, but it just hasn’t been the case. However, this weekend I am hoping to get some time with:

Fallout 76 with my wife, when she wants to play.
Dominions 5 turns for our team game here.
X4: Foundations if I can get enough time to dig in and start to learn it.


This weekend should be the start of break, once all the finals are graded. I may actually manage to play some of the games I say I’m going to play!

In single player, that means Prey. I’ve only put a couple of hours into this one so far, but the setting and plot have me intrigued. The jump-scare wrench combat less so - but I’m assuming that will open up with time.

I’ve been starting a new run in Grim Dawn in co-op, with the expansion this time. We beat the base game a couple of years ago and, by the end, the whole thing was feeling pretty unpleasantly grindy. This time around everything seems a little sharper - I don’t know whether it’s us knowing the game better or changes they’ve made in the interim. I’m hoping that same malaise won’t settle in, but we’ll see. Certainly, I’m enjoying my Purifier (Inquisitor/Demolitionist) and I greatly appreciate that respecs are affordable now, so experimentation is not only possible but encouraged.

And I always have PBEM game or two of Field of Glory II going these days.


Insurgency: Sandstorm is being released today, so I’ll be digging into it for full this weekend. Hell, I may even try some PvP even though I have too much fun against the brutal AI in co-op.

Qt3 starts it first Artifact tournament this weekend, so I’m going to practice, practice and practice draft. I actually did my first ghost draft yesterday and even won a match. Figure that.

And the PUBG test server is running the new awesome snow map until it’s being released next Wednesday, so I’ll be jumping into that whenever I have friends joining up (it’s squad only so solo-ing it can be miserable).


More EF2000!

I have upped my dogfighting game tremendously. Well, it was pretty much non-existent to begin with. Thanks to various readings, I went from being cannon fodder to MiG-21s (please repress those laughters) to reliably dispatching 29s. Flankers and their sorts, that is yet another matter.
Exciting times.