What will you play in the weekend?


Flankers… you can do two things: sneak up on em by flying low and popping up for some surprise buttsecks. You have to BFM them with a major energy disadvantage tho. And you are fucked if any of their buddies join the party while the furball is already going on.

The other thing is just them like a modern day knight. Get as high and fast as you can to maximize the range of your missile. (F-pole manouevre) With the meteor you have a mighty long stick to rule the roost with. As soon as you fire, idle power, pop the boards, dive and turn away as far as you can while still holding the target in your radar gimbal limits (crank). As soon as your missile goes active, turn either turn entirely away to minimize the enemy missiles’ chances (turn cold) or put your target on your beam (9 or 3 o clock) to create a problem for his radar.

Repeat until out of fuel, out of missiles or out of targets.(chainsaw) Do not follow your missiles in unless you really like your chances at the merge.

I have put the cool flyboy terms for the things described to be used as shorthand for further discussion.


X4: Foundations. I’m 30 hours in, and can’t seem to get enough of this game.


I’ll play “set up the new PC”, apparently. Not sure how much work that will be or how long that will take, but hopefully I’ll get to play something else on it this weekend.

If all goes well, maybe I’ll get to play X4, Monster Hunter World, Pillars of Eternity 2, or Grim Dawn. We’ll see.


Distant Worlds: Universe - hard to believe this game is 8 (or 4) years old and largely off people’s radar. Can’t wait for the sequel.


Seeing folks play EF2000 and Distant Worlds really warms the cockles.


Too much information.

As a side note, the etymology of that expression is pretty cool (more so because of the “soundalike” corruption: “cochleae” -> “cockles”).


Even without an energy disadvantage, this is where I am failing.
I am practicing BFMs (gun only, as this is the situation I ended up a couple of times during “real” missions and where I failed, each time — although now, I would not waste my missiles like I used to).
I can take on an inexperienced Flanker pilot (it’s exhausting), but a pro? Yikes, I usually end up crashing on the ground because there is too much to take into account and I just become disoriented and lose all my energy like the newbie I am!






Then don’t. If you have a large energy deficit, are lacking friends in sufficient numbers, turn tail and run. Flankers have fuel for days so don’t expect to run them out of fuel, but you can try to drag them towards friendly forces or air defences.

The trick when e tending is to deny them a guns shot while not taking a missile up the tailpipe. A flanker carries four IR missiles and six long range sticks. If you can spoil all those shots, you should be free to just beeline home. Flying very low helps spoiling missile shots.


Well, I was right about these parts, anyway. Prey turns out to be a bit too much for my antique system to handle, at least at any setting I’d want to play at, so I’m spending some time with Hand of Fate 2 instead. I enjoyed the original and mostly love the updates here, but they’ve made the combat even harder and I’m fighting with myself about turning on apprentice mode. I’m worried about it messing up the balance of the card layer, but I can’t make it much of anywhere with all that finicky timing and brutal punishment of errors. I’ve never been any good at Arkham combat - I guess I’ve got no rhythm.


Not a lot this weekend, sadly. Definitely this for the blog:

And if I have time, more of one of these for me:


How is X4 going? I was following that thread until release, but it started moving way too fast after that to keep up, so I haven’t been there since. Is it turning out to be a great game so far?

Sweet, that’s encouraging to hear.


I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It definitely is the most accessible of the series, with a far more fun gameplay flow than any other X game I’ve played. I really like doing missions, then taking a break and exploring to fill out the map.


Finally started playing Fallout 4 last weekend. I’ll play it this weekend too.

Also, Assetto Corsa Competizione was updated this week, so I may check out the new content.


Been training my escapes now. It seems on a head on, I can’t manage to get out: I need at least a 6nm buffer to stand a chance. Zooming past it isn’t enough to get rid of that crazy plane!
The time isn’t close where I won’t be scared to death at the prospect of crossing Flankers ;)


Definitely playing more Just Cause 4. And I’ll get in some bouts with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.


Might play some CoH 2, now that a new balance patch is out.


Grimoire V2 HAHAHAHA no.
Quake Arcane Dimensions, Slay the Spire, Fallout New California.


One word: “Meteor”. Be a missile-spreading terminator of the skies. Meteor has a ramjet engine which breathes air unlike the rockets the flankers fire. That means it goes faster, further, longer. If you run out of long sticks and you don’t have the odds, decline the engagement, ie run the fuck away.


I’m installing a floor in a basement this week, but hoping to jump back into X4 and apply the latest tips from folks in the thread and pursue my next story beat.