What will you play in the weekend?


Oxygen Not Included is my drug at the moment, I keep starting over to fine tune my base instead of going deeper in the game, 55 hours in and day 70 something has been the farthest I’ve been.

The”Pass Due Crew” a ragtag group of misfits are currently in Battle Brothers. The map seed listed in that thread is pretty good and half the reason I’m still going.


Grim Dawn + Grimarrillion mod. Get my daemonhuntertheurgist to the end of Malmouth. Yeah, so my plan to work my way through my barely/partially played list is scuppered yet again, by a mod of a favourite game.

Pop on to Everquest and have a chat and maybe some nostalgic sight seeing with one of my original guild buddies who is playing again after 8 years (he played EQ from 1999-2010! hardcore poosocker, i had gap from 2001-2015)

Shadow Warrior 2 - kinda near the end, i must push to finish it.

Partially played stuff i liked but either hit a difficulty wall or got distracted by something new - Dark Souls 3, Nier, Vanquish, JA2, NMS, WH40k Martyr, Senua, Dishonoured 2 and as I scroll down my game list I see Witcher 3 and wonder why i loved it so much all the way to last 20% of the game but didnt finish aka GTA Syndrome.


Back to Aggressors: Ancient Rome for me.


I’ll play the game known as Holiday Shopping.

Otherwise it will be Kenshi!


I am basically done with Dark Souls 3, having killed all the bosses but the damn Dragon in the DLC. The only thing keeping me playing it is that when I have logged on I have been able to get summoned to help other people. I really enjoy that in this game. But when I hit a dead evening or two I will end the play thru.

Then I plan on playing Sniper Elite 1 thanks to @lordkosc.


I’ve been playing Clatter https://store.steampowered.com/app/602770/Clatter/
Turn based strategy, light RNG on dmg dealt, but I feel like skill will win out most of the time. It’s pretty fun to think of optimal loadout and unit strategies.

I think there’s a good chance this game dies, however. It’s had Okish playercounts (30-90 people), however a lot of those are people who just want the RUST item you can get after playing for 30 minutes.

For 8 bucks, I’d say this is a steal.


Me, I’m doing Elite Dangerous this weekend, with a side helping of DCS (@anklebiter latest and greatest to be precise) and perhaps some Assassins creed Odyssey.


While it was repeatedly taught in the readings, I never had quite assimilated that necessity. After your comment, and reading about the huge decision that is to commit to an engagement on a head-on, I took to heart to learn to run away more effectively from those gorgeous Suhkoïs. The training yielded result, as I can escape pretty reliably from a surprise head-on now — although I better have a place to escape towards, as you stated earlier ;)
I remember when I first read the strategy guide, I was wondering why the performance talk was centered around the EF2000 versus the Su-35 and didn’t mention the other opposition. Well, after all those test flights, I consider myself to be now very well aware of the why!


I’m too much of a graphics whore to enjoy an old title like you do. I envy you.

And then I make some rocket strafe runs in a harrier while wearing a rift.


I didn’t get a lot of gaming time this weekend - setting a new PC up and downloading stuff takes a lot of time - but I did “test” it with Monster Hunter World and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, even if the game I played the most was (as usual) Grim Dawn.

BTW, on recommended settings on both MHW and AC:Od, my GPU (a GTX 1060 6GB) is going up to 74C (but not past that), on 100% GPU load, and about 70% max GPU fan speed. That’s OK, right? Keep in mind that ambient temperature was in the low 30’s C here. Just checking. I’m new to this “good PC” thing. ;)


For me it’s been more RDR2. I’ve been under the weather and yesterday I just stayed in my PJs all day and played a ton of that. Wanna get the pelts and furs for the satchel upgrades.


More Monster Hunter World. I’m almost through the story! I’m going to actually hit ‘High Rank’!


Should be absolutely fine! Enjoy the new machine!


This week-end, I’ll be playing… more EF2000!
I have finally made my jump into the campaign. Going from the comfortable sandboxes of training scenarios and setup fights to the absolute chaos of the campaign has been a staggering experience.
Now aspect matters, even BVR. Now trying to get a lock on wherever that plane that is supposed to be right ahead is an issue. Now in the chaos of the melee, your teammates call are crucial to determine whether something is going down or has managed to lose everybody’s lock. Distances seem colossal out of combat, but when the fight is closing in, time suddenly accelerates.
This is an amazing experience. It’s now time to turn what I learned into proper reflexes.
While I don’t mind its visual crudeness, after watching and listening to some DCS, I mostly miss proper reactor roars.

I also started playing Dungeon Keeper Gold. I had played Dungeon Keeper 2 many, many years ago, and I really disliked it. Reading an old review about the first game, I figured I’d try it, and it feels quite superior, so either it was better, or I have changed! The interface is really out of this world, especially for such an old game. Anyway, looking forward to play a level daily.

Scouring my GOG library, I also started playing Etherlords 2, because I mistook it for another recommendation I had read here. Anyway, it’s a fun little game, like Lost Portal CCG (which appears to be on sale on iOS) but with an horrible and useless 3D interface.

Finally I got Full Metal Furies in the Steam sale, to play coop with with the people who won’t be busy at all in this relaxed time of the year! Edit: Scratch that, it’s a crazy timewasting grinding machine, in a similar fashion its author’s previous game, Rogue Legacy, was.


I’m going to see my parents this weekend for Christmas. I just bought a PS4 for myself and they expressed interest in it. We’ll see how they like God of War and Shadow of the Colossus PS4.


I’ll try to wrap up my current Distant Worlds Universe campaign before going on holiday for 2 weeks on Sunday. Great to go on holiday (including from the PC), but tough to resume a giant campaign in any game after a break.


I will be playing some DCS, and while I don’t mind the cannedness of its scenario’s, after reading about EF2000 I mostly miss the frantic fleeing down fjords from angry russians.


Well, this weekend I’ll hopefully get to play a lot of SoulCalibur VI, Monster Hunter World, and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Maybe X4 too if I’m feeling like it.

Grim Dawn and No Man’s Sky are also likely options. Also Kingdom Come: Deliverance if I’m able to finish downloading it this weekend.


The Digital Antiquarian’s piece on it has got me playing Cryo’s Dune game:



X4 made me want to try out Elite Dangerous again, so probably that. I think that after about a dozen hours, I sort of have my head around Elite. Hell of a learning curve with this one.