What will you play in the weekend?


Kicking off two and a half weeks of stay-at-home vacation. Primary focus:

Monster Hunter World
Shadow Warrior 2
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Divinity: Original Sin 2

howlongtobeat.com says it will take about 150 hours to beat these. I just need to average 9 hours of gaming per day to finish them over the break! Even more than that since I’ll probably play a little PUBG.


Christmas party on Sunday, so that along with work all weekend will cut heavily into my play time, but I’m still planning on fitting in some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Magic Arena, and now that I’m back into it (just in time for a brand-new version in a month), Median XL.


This makes me so, so happy.


DOS:2 can easily take around 100 hours on its own if you do everything. It took me by surprise in that regard, and it’s easily one of my favourite RPGs now.


Oh, that is so sweet. Tell us about it when you are done.


Happy to oblige!

I didn’t own a PC, so I played it at a friend’s. I was so intoxicated with this game, I, as a teenager, remember staying a few times overnight at his place playing it in the dark while he and his family were sleeping. Should have been a hint there was a freak around!
Such an atmospheric game, no small thanks to Stéphane Picq’s soundtrack.


Hot swapping between katamari damacy, Diablo 3 and smash on the switch.
But I also have an advanced securities licensing exam next week so have to balance studying, games and family.


For me, I have a nearly two-week “weekend” starting today, so I’ll fit in these for the blog:

And for myself, definitely these as I just bought them:

Plus of course more:

Is gonna be a good time.


Some Sam Neill inside, or totally unrelated?


Thankfully this.




IT’s actually fun! It’s like Geneshift’s Battle Royale, super fast, fun and violent!


What’s with the Sam Neill-hate? You’re crazy.

I’m visiting family for the holidays, so will play some light boardgames and stuff on my Switch. Started Darkside Detectives (promising!) and played some Tricky Towers with my sister. One of the best couch games ever.


I did that with SimCity and Sid Meier’s Pirates. I would go to sleepovers and ignore all my friends for hours. I can’t believe they remained my friends, frankly.


I don’t think anyone hates Sam Neill. On the contrary.

But Event Horizon is a fuuuucked up movie that I don’t ever need or want to see again.


Ah, I see! I also should have put a smiley there.


Woah, Distance is finally out? That’s been on my wishlist forever. Post impressions of that soon, if you get the chance please.


It’s amaaaaaaazing. I’ve only done some of the campaign and Advent workshop levels, but it’s been a crazy blast.


I found a Spitfire LF Mk IX in my stocking this morning! Guess I’ll be doing groundloops for days!


I’m so close to the end of RDR2, I just need to buckle down and focus on the path and not let myself be distracted by … well everything else I guess. There are other games out there that I need to get to!