What will you play in the weekend?


In a surprising turn of events, I think I’ll be playing my jet grinder campaign in EF2000 (estimated 300 planes being shot down per day. only a couple are mine.) and my Normandie-Niémen campaign in Il-2 1946. The two games seem to share a common idealistic goal for the player: to not get shot and make it home (happens, sometime. rarely.).
Also some Rolling the Reef (thank you, Chris!), whose rules I completely understand now — it might be the most simple of the Braingoodgames games (sic) yet, and some Warbanners (thank you, Alex!), a game which I restarted 2 times in 2 days from the first scenario, because of the difficulty of the strategic level decisions.

Damn you, Chappers!


You might play something else entirely instead ;)

I’m going to try to get some more Kassandra in and maybe tearing up the streets of Edinburgh in Forza Horizon 4.


Such a beautiful game - it was fun just exploring the whole open world. I’m near the end (already went through the DLC) but haven’t gone back and finished yet. Don’t want the whole experience to end!

I’ll be making some more progress in the first Danganronpa to see who the next victim(s) are. And then might jump in and try some Conan Exiles or maybe Witcher 3, depending on my mood.


Does interacting with Bandersnatch count?


I’m playing Mario rabbids on the switch.

Quite fun.


So far… Monster Hunter World almost exclusively. Such a fantastic game.


Skyrim. Yep.


Shadow of the Colossus Remastered! Had to show it to my daughters.


While I have seriously enjoyed my week of VR. And downloaded DCS World. I am drawn back to Pathfinder. I started a new character, a ranger that I immediately trained into Druid for a leopard.



… So I forecast another weekend of stressing out in EF2000 (will I ever end a second mission not in total failure?) and chilling out in Zelda.



Monster Hunter World. Maybe Pillars of Eternity 2. Celeste in small installments, lest I’ll break my controller or something. And I might try making a Death Knight in Grim Dawn. We’ll see.


Another weekend. More Monster Hunter World. I also intend to play a bit of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. And while we’re talking about Definitive Editions, also a bit of Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition if I can. And maybe a bit of Catherine Classic (now out for the PC).


Railway Empire and maybe some couch-gaming on the Switch. Hopefully a round of 1846, and probably some other board games.


Definitely Monster Hunter World and some AC: Origins.

I installed Unity and Syndicate after owning them for years so that I can play catch up (though I didn’t play Black Flag or Rogue) before starting Origins so that I can see what all the fuss about Odyssey is. I guess they ironed the performance issues out for Unity on the consoles as it was running very smoothly with no issues except for minor pop-in here and there.

But I could not help myself…after two hours with Unity, how could I not NOT play Origins? So I did. Gotta say, initially seemed like a totally different AC but only after a couple of hours it seems, it’s just the same old AC only given some open world flavor, a few combat tweaks and polished to a high sheen. So far it feels like Dragon Age: Inquisition, great first impression, beautiful to look at but repetitive and not much depth. Why is it that this describes Skyrim and yet I don’t get negative feelings from that game?

Almost tempted to skip to Odyssey since it seems they made a bigger leap with that one. Or Syndicate since the setting really interests me.


We’ve finally reached Malmouth in Grim Dawn, so things are getting kind of nuts. Good times.

I finally won a round of Slay the Spire, now I’m trying to ascertain whether it was just good relic luck.

And I’ll probably dabble a bit with Monster Hunter World, though I’m 15 hours in and it still hasn’t really grabbed me.


Stellaris and DCS World!


My team’s looking good to make the playoffs (famous last words…) so hopefully some OOTP 19. Also picked up Hyrule Warriors in the recent sale so will probably throw in some of that, along with the usual Final Fantasy XIV – that’s picking back up with a new content patch last Tuesday and the Blue Mage job being added this coming Tuesday.


Since it’s poker night at my friend’s place, I will be playing pinball and this…

He just got it a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to it!


Dude, that golf thing looks AMAZING.

So in my case, not a lot of gaming time for me this weekend, so for Space Game Junkie, I’ll be trying…whatever this is:

For myself, I hope to get a little more time with:

Should be a good weekend overall.


My 5 game sidetrack is over, so now I’ll return to my Divinity Original Sin 2 campaign. Just landed in the second map.