What will you play in the weekend?


Whoa. Monster post, I’ll have to try it!


I knew it. Those recessions are just a bullshit ploy by the 1%ers to fuck over the working man. REVOLUTION NOW!


We just finished some Tricky Towers, and are enjoying Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time. The Switch - best on the go, and with friends on the couch. Nintendo at its best!


I’m glad you enjoyed* my treatise ;)

*satisfaction not guaranteed


Should have time to get some good gaming in this weekend. For Space Game Junkie, if I can get it to work, I’ll be playing this for next week’s game of the week:

Plus I’ll try to get some coverage of these:

For myself, likely a lot more:

Plus the beta of this, which I am LOVING:

Along with more of this fun thing:

Should be a really fun weekend.


I’ll probably play some more Warhammer 40K Mechanicus . I’m 30% into the campaign now and canticles have been unlocking left and right.

I may also play some Kingdom Come Deliverance .


Thanks to @marquac and @KristiGaines

Backlog clean up on this one , I remember unlocking a hard to unlock door and thats where I left off.

I gotta get caught up on Telltale games, this is my oldest one so I’ll start there.


Okay, I noticed something not on that list!


Hahahah right, I’ll finish the manual this very weekend and dive in!


Second playthrough of Pathfinder Kingmaker. This time with a decent main character. Enjoying it a lot more. Ranger/druid.


Thanks to Northgard being on sale on Humble, I’ll be checking out its viking stylings!


I’ve been back on the Dragon Quest XI of late, also playing some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However a new season of Diablo 3 starts imminently so…


I am playing a super heavy modded Skyrim on Legendary difficulty. It makes me want to kill someone how hard it can be.

Plus Warhammer 2. As Nagarythe in a ME campaign.


I’m pleased to say that Monster Hunter World has finally started to click, so this weekend it will be:







More Divinity: Original Sin 2. Just made it to Act 3. Does this game ever end?


If it’s anything like the first one, the answer is “yes, but long after it’s worn out its welcome.”

Though honestly, thanks to the armor system in 2, it pretty much had worn out its welcome by act 2 IMO.


I don’t mind the armor system but I’m not seeing a lot of interesting synergies in the combat even compared to simple stuff like Dragon Age 2. I’m just doing lots of damage. Maybe it’s my party.


The armor system outright prevents the interesting synergies that were present in the first game. Every combat primarily consists of wearing down armor with raw damage so that maybe you can do some interesting elemental stuff once the enemy is almost dead anyway.

If I ever do go back to it, I’m making an all physical damage party - armor renders the elemental stuff (which was the most fun part of 1’s combat) impotent.

But, to your original point, yeah. Those games really are way too long.


THis was my biggest gripe with later Mass Effect games too.

Especially on harder difficulties. Armor or shields blocked all secondary effects, so anything with stun, or knockback, or stasis, whatever only worked on unshielded/ unarmored enemies. But everything has shields or armor so by the time they could be used, most things were almost dead.

Great design guys, create an interesting set of powers but make 70% of them worthless due to an armor system.