What will you play in the weekend?


I’m honestly not sure, but it’s made by the same guy who made the fantastic Star Nomad 1 and 2, so I’m all in on this one. Apparently it’s something of a Mount and Blade sandbox with a strong focus on economics and politics. Can’t wait to try it.


Probably just:



130 hours in the last month, Elite Dangerous has taken over.

However, I might try and find an hour to finish Nocturnal Hunt, which is kinda like Thief… if Garrett was a wolf. While clearly a student project, it’s a blast loping around at high speed and then ripping hunters apart from the shadows.


First time I ever heard of that game, wishlisted!


Monster Hunter World here, no doubt. If for some reason I want to play something else (doubtful), then I’d choose between Pillars of Eternity 2 (in turn-based mode), Sunless Skies, Helium Rain, or Catherine Classic. But it’s a pretty really tiny chance, since MHW is all I’ve been playing for most of the month already.


I’ll be surprised if I play anything other than Ace Combat 7.


I’ve gone back to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild again recently, picking up where I left off (about 80 hours in but only 1 Divine Beast bested!). It’s still an amazing game, just like I remembered.


I was contemplating getting Kingdom Hearts 3. I’ve never played any of the previous games and, in fact, wasn’t even really aware of them but I watched a few gameplay videos that popped up on YouTube and was intrigued-mystified.

In the end, I was intimidated by my lack of knowledge of the apparent massive backstory so I picked up Ni No Kuni 2 instead and have just gotten to the kingdom building part. This is a fun game and oddly touching despite how sappy the story is. I’m enjoying it quite a bit!


Finally home after a few weeks travel. Hoping to polish off Assassins Creed Origins, and figure out Frost Punk. ****


Already finished FAR: Lost Sails (excellent!) and played another chunk of Pikuniku (light but charming).


It’s good and I think you’ll enjoy it, but be aware that it’s short - maybe an hour to complete it assuming you don’t die, which isn’t a given on your first game or two. It also has a curious save system; if you die in the game, you’ll go back to the last checkpoint (there are maybe half a dozen in total) but if you quit and reload later, you have to start from scratch. This appears to be intentional because a) it’s short and b) there are achievements for running through the game in different ways. It was a student project turned into a commercial product, very impressive if you ask me and I love the feel of movement from the wolf, but it’s really only the final area where the game starts to realise its potential. Still, it’s nice and cheap.


Last night I finished up the first story of Frostpunk and it is refreshing to play a city builder that gives the player tough choices from beginning to end. There was constant tension and the atmosphere is top notch. For the climax it seems like maybe it cuts the player a little slack on surviving because I felt like everything was going to hell but I managed to get the win.

I may play Kingdom Come this weekend. I started it a week or so ago and didn’t go back to it even though I was enjoying it. For some reason it seems difficult to pick up after putting it down. I’m not sure I get the fighting yet. I’m still early on and it has been very much on rails.

I’m also anxious to start Divinity OS 2. I want to play the POE2 turn base mode but only one tactical RPG at a time.

I may also try the Anno beta since that only lasts a week.


So far it’s kind of fascinating. You start with a small crew of two, limited supplies and money, and a massive map. You cross the map in real time, encountering other caravans which you can talk to, towns to get missions and trade with, and bad guys, storms and other things. I’ve done two missions now (one I passed, one I failed because time ran out) but it’s a bit confusing. The mission I failed had me go to three waypoints. The second waypoint was almost impossible to see based on its coloring and the coloring of the map. Once I got all three waypoints, I was told to go back to town to get my reward, but I had no idea which town. That was a tad frustrating, but wow overall does this thing have potential.


You made me take a look, and then buy it.


I just found out through an email from EA that Anthem is having a demo weekend. Thanks EA, for letting me know on a Saturday night when the demo period ends the next day.

Now I’m wishing I hadn’t deleted the demo two days ago. Oh well, time to delete some stuff tonight on the hard drive so I can check it out tomorrow.




NG I am thinking a lot about Far: Lost sails. That game looks visually stunning. Plus it appears to have a “game” there. Would you recommend it?


Yeah, I definitely would! It might have made my top ten of 2018 if I’d played it earlier. It may not be for everyone. It isn’t exactly challenging, and the story is told in a very impressionistic way. Some gamers might feel that “barely anything happens–you just drive to the left.” But the pacing worked for me, and learning how the vehicle worked was fun because they just let you experiment and figure it out. And the music and presentation of the world were very well done, I thought. If you like the style of it and want to play a pretty relaxing adventure in an evocative world, I’d say you should give it a go!


Too hot to play Monster Hunter World right now. Argh. :(