What will you play in the weekend?


And, in the end I played mostly Rimworld - it has a new wind with the recently updated Combat Extended mod.


Well, I didn’t get to play Monster Hunter World as much as I wanted because it was way too hot here. Summer in Brazil is, well, complicated.

So I ended up playing a bit more of less demanding games in terms of generating heat. Not Pillars of Eternity 2, alas, because that game generates a lot more heat than it should, which is sadly common in Unity-based games. But I did enjoy a good deal of Star Traders: Frontiers, Slay the Spire, and even Divinity: Original Sin 2. Fun!


It was Conan Exiles followed up with some more Conan Exiles and then to wrap the weekend off a bit of Conan Exiles.

It got the hooks into me badly.


Welp, a ton of stuff has some out lately, so for Space Game Junkie, I’m gonna try to cover all of these:

If I have any time left for myself at all, I want to try more of this to see if I like it:

Which will likely lead me to reinstalling this for another playthrough:

Hopefully more of this as well:

And I’m currently trying to learn this, which I think I’m enjoying:

Should be a very good, yet busy weekend overall.


Perfect box quote for every Paradox game ever.


Right? Like, I’m not quiiiiiite sure. I think it’s enjoyable? I might have to push more buttons to find out.


Resident Evil 2 and AC: Syndicate.
If i have time, something else from the recent pile, maybe Monster Hunter.

Though now with the new Diablo 3 season I started a Wizard for the first time this week and have been levelling him up every chance I get so may end up not playing anything else! Most replay value in a game for me, I’m sure.


Twilight Imperium 4.

Or, if the ice storm gets too bad, find the best place to film the horrible drivers to post on YouTube.


Monster Hunter World because who doesn’t like hunting monsters?

Robothorium because thanks to a certain excellent dude for the birthday gift on Steam!


I just opened my weekend by a good long and hard bout of DCS flying multiplayer on a server called Holo Pointe. The “mission” was to fly through a building ace combat style and rack up points that way while not dying to crashes or enemy fire.

Did only a bit of the mission, as it was more of a stage to fight a series of 1v1 duels. Great fun. Awful frames/second. @Anklebiter you would love that mission.


RimWorld - post 1.0 modding is great. But I still keep dying by year 2. Oh yea, only Lost Tribe scenario…

Grim Dawn - haven’t played an ARPG in a long time, love that I can drop in and out for digestible fights to the next way point. Feels like there is incredible depth here, too, if I decide to stick with it after the first play through.

SUPERHOT - even more digestible, this is the perfect game for “I have 5 minutes and want to finish a level and feel like a badass”


I’ll play Etrian Odyssey Nexus on 3DS, maybe Diablo 3 or Breath of the Wild on Switch, and a bit of Monster Hunter World on PC.


While I enjoy what Apex Legends is doing and I will keep playing it did lead me to reinstall Titanfall 2 as well.

Hope there is still an active Frontier Defense community.


From what I understand, it’s small but active.


I’m not playing The Hollow Knight because I finally made it to the end. Crikies that was a frustrating game - but mostly worth it.


I treated myself with the Steam sale so have shiny new Golf Club 2, Anno 2205, Railway Empire Great Lakes and Divinity Original Sin to tide me over this weekend, and many more weekends in the future I imagine.


Monster Hunter World, mostly, but hopefully a bit of Pillars of Eternity 2 (turn-based mode) as well. And maybe Sunless Skies or Star Traders: Frontiers.


Playing 1846: The Race for the Midwest tomorrow. Maybe some Railway Empire today.


Everquest! /ducks.


Zelda and Diablo 3 on the Switch. Diablo 3 fits the console so well, suspending and picking the game again like it is some sort of Solitaire, it’s just wonderful. And not having to click to grab loot or aim? Oh boy, I’m in trouble again, nearly 20 years after D2.

No EF2000 — sorry Brian! — because my wife is coming home for a couple of days, so I hid my Thrustmaster…