What will you play in the weekend?


Oooooh boy. What was the last assignment you’ve played?


I’m ready for the story mission for Nergigante. I looked at a walkthrough to try to answer this question, and it seems like the only concern is how much farming I’d need to do for better gear to take down the elder dragons. I have the Zorah Magdaros Alpha armor but I suspect that won’t be enough.


Snakebird Primer of course, here!

And Zelda, D3, Captain Toad, and maybe some quality flight simming as I pulled the joystick back out of its cache now that the wife’s gone!


And you’re at Nergigante?! People really do play games so much faster than I do. I think I was at about 80 hours when I got there. I didn’t have a lot of trouble with him, but then I was very well equipped at that point. I’ve been told he’s a wall that people rushing through the game run into.


It’s quite possible you’ve had a better experience by taking it more slowly. I’m rushing because I want a short break before all life ceases to exist for 4-5 months after DMC5 and Sekiro come out. (2 weeks away, my goodness.)


Yeah, I’d think certain minor frustrations would become major frustrations if I was in a hurry. I’ve got other stuff I want to play (this is just one of several interesting things I got over Xmas) but I’m in no particular rush. The next release I might actually play on release day is probably Anno 1800, which is a ways off.

Of course, I’m sure I’m also slow because MHW is well out of my normal gaming wheelhouse. Good preparation is how I compensate for being barely competent at action games. :)


I think I’ll be playing Divinity Original Sin 2 - I think I’m just about done with act 1 as I’m going for a ship.

Also, after putting the ego setting at 70 I’m getting my butt kicked at Super Mega Baseball 2. I cruised to a championship at 60. I have too difficult a time laying off bad pitches at 70. I think if I were trying to maximize my season / game leaderboard score I’d play at 50 where I can generate a lot of runs.

Possible I’ll play a second game of Civ VI with the expansion.


Will give Battletech a run on this free weekend.


This is a massive gaming weekend for me, cleared out my schedule and planned for this a bit in advance.

Free: Battletech! Wallet threat level: high, but am happy to try before I buy.

PS4: God of War, Spiderman
Switch: Tetris99, Zelda, Pokemon
PC: Slay the Spire, Hearthstone, Dragon Quest XI, Yakuza 0, Apex Legends
VR: Beat Saber

Despite planning ahead, clearly too many games, not enough time.


Apex Legends, either PC or PS4 or both.

Trying to decide if I want to start Spider-Man. Might instead try to finish Yakuza Kiwami instead for my single player gaming.

I finally had some time to hook up my Sega CDX to the RetroTINK-2x via component cables and it’s brought me a whole new appreciation for the 16-bit era seeing the detail of those games on the HDTV. Streets of Rage 2 is still awesome. Probably make another run at that over the weekend too along with Thunder Force III.


The Megadrive got some of the most vivid colours!


Resident Evil 2
AC: Syndicate

And more sampling of random stuff on Game Pass. So tempted to install the Batman compilation that was just added since i bought Arkham City ages ago on 360 and never got around to playing it.

Also, stil haven’t gotten back to RDR 2 but I never did finish the first game so went back to that (wow, the BC version is pretty much a free remaster, looks fantastic on the Xbox 1X) so wikl try to finish that up this weekend.

Oh, may want to revisit RE Code Veronica, now that it’s BC!


More RDR2 (finish the epilogues) for me, then mess with Crackdown 3 a bit and see if it grabs me. If not I’ll get into Horizon Zero Dawn finally.


It does! The Genesis/Mega Drive era is probably my favorite SEGA era of them all. I can easily recommend so many games from that period. I just love having the ability to play my library on original hardware with such clarity and detail now. It’s awesome.


I have been playing Field of Glory 2. Have had it a while, but only more recently have I really gotten into it, and bought all the DLC. It’s really pretty amazing. My only gripe is that it becomes very confusing in the larger battles as units join together in melee. I wish there was an option to use more boardgame type icons in those situations…as it is, I prefer smaller battles.

All in all, it’s a top notch representation of how historians think ancient battles worked. Even if that’s mostly fantasy (as would be every other ancients battles game), it’s still a very interesting set of units, nations, and rules that looks terrific on the screen.


Finally finished Dragonquest 11 on the PS4 this weekend. This is a game that just kept going on and on and while it got a bit grindy towards the end, I really enjoyed it.

Played a couple of hours of Tower of Time on the PC as well. It is easy to get into and I can see myself popping in and out of this one. From what I gather, you need to tailor your combat tactics and weapon loadouts to the kind of mob you are facing. Don’t mind that at all.


DCS MiG-19 Farmer is getting released on friday, so I will be reaping imperialist oppressor souls in my awesome early 60s soviet jet!


Wow, that’s an aspect of the death of Stalin I didn’t know about @_@


Well that’s…um…I mean that’s…well…wow…yeah…


Or maybe this is better: