What will you play in the weekend?


Huh, so that’s what Kristin Stewart has been up to these days.


My father flew F-86’s – I hope he shoots her down.


That jet is awesome fun in DCS too. A true flyin’ six shooter bringing freedom and democracy to godless communist heathens all over.


That’s a great picture! Btw the updated version of “The Hunters” has some amazing F-86 scenes that look great. Not the greatest movie in the world but the flying scenes are well done.

My father loved that plane, but one day the Wing Commander asked for volunteers for B-47s and everyone stepped back – Dad flew B-47s and B-52s the rest of his life. He still misses the Sabre!


Get him some time in VR on DCS F-86. He’ll love it! That pic is a screenshot by the way.


Is that from Firefly or something? I believe that’s the lovely Jewel Staite, no?


Yes, it’s from Firefly.


God was she cute. Fuuuuu…


Well, those bots really make me want to play that piece of crap game!

Edit: couple of Apex Legends spambots, they got taken care of, nevermind… till the next ones.


Such a shame that show ever got cancelled. Remember her twirling that parasol? Rrrrawr.

@Left_Empty huh? Wha?



It’s only Thursday, but I’m confident I’ll be playing more Gladius this weekend after the successful conclusion of my Tyranid campaign last night. Maybe Orkz next? (I’ve played and won as Imp. Guard, Space Marines, Tyranid -> so picking between Orkz and Necrons).


A little Anthem, which I actually like in freeplay mode, or whatever it’s called. This got me thinking about great older Bioware games, so I restarted Mass Effect 2. Probably that for most of the weekend.


Apex Legends and SEGA Genesis. I have a brand new wireless Genesis controller arriving today and I’m really looking forward to playing some games with it on the CDX through the RetroTINK-2x this weekend. I tried to do a Streets of Rage 2 default settings completion run last week and couldn’t quite get there. Will give that another shot along with some other classic gems and more obscure games in my collection.


As palette cleanser after finishing Mass Effect: Andromeda, I’m playing Yoku’s Island Express. It is fantastic.


Trials Rising is great fun, so I’ll be playing that, as well as checking out the new update for Insurgency: Sandstorm. I also for some reason have a hankering to play Syndicate (the FPS) on PC, as I only played it on the 360 many, many years ago (and I remember the controller aiming was dubious at the time).


Busy weekend. For Space Game Junkie, I am DISGUSTINGLY excited to finally be covering the full release of this:

This also finally left early access, so I need to cover this too:

For myself, if I have time:

Should be a fantastic weekend.


Wow, Objects in Space out of EA already! Can’t wait for your take on whether it is (finally!) playable or still a (shiver) crashfest.


Finished Leon’s story in RE2 this week and just started Claire’s last night. So that. Also Warframe, Anthem, and maybe Crackdown 3.



This controller is the biz. One of the best I’ve used. I’m going to be playing games with it this weekend…


Double tap for uppercut in Streets of Rage 2 execution is dead on.