What will you play in the weekend?


I’m playing Viewtiful Joe for the first time. Need something to keep me busy until next Friday for DMC5.




I’ve been playing it a bit over the last week to test out it’s crashiness. Not one crash in a couple of hours of play.

Even with the crashes, it’s an amazing game.


I’ve already rage quit on the excessively-long flying level, just like every Kamiya game!


Recent purchase of Sunless Skies has gotten me back into Fallen London, so both of those. Plus Magic Arena (but that’s every day).

Plus making another push at finishing off Tower of Time, with an eye towards finally starting The Witcher 3 as my RPG project for the spring. We’ll see if either of those get played.



and Far Cry 5: New PM Dawn


Probably nothing, my video-gaming has really hit a brick wall.


I’ll probably be chasing some times on the Rival leaderboard in Forza Horizon 4.
Hopefully I’ll get some time on the tv to play Red Dead Redemption 2. I only played about an hour so far.
Just started act 2 of Divinity Original Sin 2 also.


Pillars of eternity 2: Turn based. I make no apologies. It is very good… it is a different game entirely. I will report more in that thread.




and maybe


It’s an ambitious hope.



I actually fired up Crackdown 3 today for a bit. It’s more Crackdown with better signposting, as Arthur Gies said on the Rebel FM podcast at one point. I’m going to keep playing for a while, probably.

Otherwise I continue to play through the epilogues of RDR2. Just adore that game.


Grim Dawn - up to level 30, no expansions, normal-veteran mode. Great fun. Pacing also good - I find clearing one area from portal to portal is a well paved portion of this to get through per serving, around a hour (e.g. as in books where chapters can be too long, short, or just right).


So far, surprisingly, Mass Effect: Andromeda. And if all goes well, I might also be playing Final Fantasy XV later.

Reason: I want games that feel a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles X. I might even play this exact one a bit later. ;)


Well DMC5 is getting solid reviews so I think my weekend is already planned. Though I did start up some co-op Resident Evil 5 with @Jason_McMaster last night so maybe we’ll do more of that. One thing is for sure, I will only be playing games that end in 5.

Final Fantasy XV feels like Xenoblade Chronicles X in the same way that waterboarding feels like surfing.


I might rather be waterboarded than play FF15 any more


There’s something in the depiction of the open world in FFXV - and some aspects of its combat - that resemble very, very slightly the general “feel” I get from XCX. Same is true of FF XII for entirely different reasons. Though I can see how people would not feel the same, of course.


I’ve reached a point with Monster Hunter World (after 115 hours) where it’s more likely to irritate me than entertain me, so I’ll probably try and branch out a bit. I’ve been dabbling with…



(wow, that is a really trashy game card for a very technical tactical RPG…)

and this is pleasantly relaxing…



I don’t want to mention Devil May Cry 5 because that will make the next 29 hours of waiting even more difficult.


Devil May Cry 5. There. Better? ;)