What will you play in the weekend?




Less than 28 hours left.


About 5 hours left until we can finally play DMC 5. Well, not me because it will be 2 AM here and I’ll be sleeping, but anyway… ;)


I took tomorrow off from work. I’ll probably play till 2ish. After all, one of the reasons I like this genre is it’s draining enough that I don’t want to play nonstop!


Satisfactory sent out some invites for this weekend, so maybe that.


Not sure if you’ll play on the PC, but if that’s the case, I just hope you’re not yet another one of the many who have the game unlocked with no .EXE anywhere, thus being unable to play. Here’s hope CAPCOM will fix that before I try to play, or I’ll be at least a bit disappointed.


This weekend I’ll be playing a fast paced action game that requires quick reflexes and deft hand eye coordination that releases this week. It’s a little edgy and moody and the title references the dark lord that resides in Hell. Diablo.




It’s quarter to three. I guess I’ll stop for the night.


In year 7 of a Rimworld colony that is ready to begin starship construction. Been a great ride that I plan to finish this weekend. And then take a break on something else before trying on a harder start / more mods etc in a few weeks or more.

Besides that, pushing through Grimdawn (level 31) and figuring out what my next time sink is. Been eyeing HOI4 but may also skew towards a FPS for some mindless action and eye candy first.


I will use this thread to comment how good is gaming right now. I’ve been playing more than last year, and I think it’s funny the reality (or at least, my reality) in comparison with all the doom & gloom that seems to be on the industry, at least on the AAA part of it.

In the last 4 months I played or I’m playing:

-Dead Cells, thanks to the new 1.1 update. One of the best 2d action games ever. I already gushed a lot in the official thread a lot, so I will leave at that.
-Hitman 2. One of the best stealth games ever.
-Vermintide 2. One of the best action coop games ever.
-Deep Rock Galactic. Another action coop game, this one with an impressive proc gen tech and destruction, and more chill than VT2. Very solid and fully featured despite still being on EA.
-Jydge. A pretty decent overhead action indie game, very replayable.
-Ape out. Cool action game with stylish violence and jazz.
-Tangledeep. One of the best roguelikes I played. I did some mods and everything.

And I still have games pending like Divinity 2 or Kingdom Come when i have some time. Metro is totally my jam, I’m waiting until the price lowers a bit. And people are really liking Dirt 2.0, that’s another i’m interested.
And so many other games look cool. I would like to try Objects in Space eventually, for example.



The biggest challenge these days is limiting yourself to only the great games.


I have a house guest this weekend, so not a ton of gaming, but I’ll definitely be playing more of this for Space Game Junkie:

And if I have time for myself, definitely more of these:


I’ll be grinding contracts to unlock the harder levels here:


And even with the increasing BR competition I’m still chasing that chicken dinner with my friends:



This for me, I should finish up The Division I guess. :)



Rock and Stone, brothers!


I’ve been on a Final Fantasy 14 binge for a while, and will be for a while. One of the most polarizing games I’ve played, in terms of things I love, and things I hate. There is so much to love about this game, and also a few things to really hate.


I’m playing Prey - it is bonkers and fantastic:


Destiny 2. I bough the DLC pack, and is grindy has hell in a good way. It clicked for me.

I will also play Anthem, because I have learned that I can combine the two games to not get tired of one.

I have Laberythm of Refrain and Demon Gaze II, but I probably will not play them. I may even uninstall Demon Gaze II and give it a opportunity other day /year / geological era.


I should probably finish up New Dawn, but the umbrella society and art projects are too distracting


art projects? as in “doing art”? what are you making?