What will you play in the weekend?


I wish I could figure out how to link cool pictures of the games I might be playing this weekend. I would link “Pathfinder: Kingmaker” if I could.





My guys that are attacking probably don’t look as good as that picture. Seeing how I get crushed so much. But thank you LK.

Ok well I ended up not doing too bad in the end. The game is NOT easy.


Now that I’ve dusted out the computer a bit and found a combination of settings that don’t melt my CPU, it looks like I’ll be able to dig seriously into…


And as it turns out, some of the ever lovely…



I may try to play some SpaceChem. Though I may have to restart from the beginning to re-learn how.


I don’t think I’ll get a lot of gaming time this weekend because there’s a lot going on, but if I do, I’ll probably play the likes of Devil May Cry 5, Ys VII - Lacrimosa of Dana, and Caligula Effect - Overdose.


It’s looking like Diablo II and/or Lands of Lore.


Getting into Tower of Time. Constant Slay the Spire and Eternal.


A little bit of The Division 2 in my life,
A little bit of Factory Town by my side,
A little bit of Apex Legends is all I need,
A little bit of Dark Souls is what I see.


A little bit of Sandra in the sun?


Grim Dawn - level 34
RimWorld - bit of a grind to get all ship parts built but really want to see this one through, so it’s in the rotation but with low priority for now
Prey - well, maybe. It’s only USD 15 right now, and everything I read is glowing. But then I wonder if I should just go back and clear Alien Isolation from my backlog first. Or one of the other few shooters in the backlog, if that’s my itch for the next title…


For 15 USD get Prey and play that :) My two cents.

I will be up in the wild blue yonder getting to grips with the Heatblur F-14.


I was tempted by the cheap Prey, but I’ll not be playing that in the near future so I didn’t.

It’s tomcat time baby!


Continuing with Hitman 2, and some Two Point Hospital while it’s on free weekend



I’ll see if I manage to sneak in some Anthem, but the main event will probably be to try out Xia: Legends of a Drift System for the first time.


I’ma get my government thug on and play some Division 2. And if I get bored with that maybe a little more Crackdown 3. And then there’s always Anthem!


I’ll be picking up Division 2 tonight, so I figure the weekend will be dedicated to that.

I was kinda maybe looking at the F-14 too, but then I saw $80, laughed ruefully, and closed that tab.*

*Edit: wandered over to NewEgg and picked up a Ryzen 7/MB/RAM combo for $300 instead


Does Tuesday count as the weekend? If so, I’ll be firing up Satisfactory again. Otherwise, the weekend is going to be Baking In Real Life, to a large degree.

I’ve decided that the next time I’m tempted by a DCS module, I’m going to buy a nice 500gb SSD for DCS to live on instead and spend some time playing the modules I already have.


This statement should be a Koan.