What will you play in the weekend?

Dragon Quest Builders 2. All weekend.

Distant World’s Universe remains my main game, using the Bacon + Retreat UE + Das mod which changes an awful lot for the better. My settings are maximum number of sectors, half of maximum stars, chaotic aggression, hard or very hard difficulty, slowest research speed, sparse potential colonies. This corners people in their section of the galaxy for a crowded knife fight in a space that feels very big - who knows what the other side of the universe will be like once I get the tech to get there in a reasonable amount of time.

Shadow Warrior 2 - it’s great to dip into for 20 minutes at a time, when I don’t feel like a longer session in DWU (where 30 minutes is barely remembering where I left off last session). Or just need mindless, 4X detox.

I finished Watch Dogs 2 last night very late and today I decided to go back to 3030 Deathwar Redux. Took a couple of attempts to get reaquainted with the controls etc. but I figured it out. Kind of old-school but there’s a lot under the hood there.

I’ve spent the entire weekend playing IWD EE after having wrapped BG2 EE last week. Just can’t seem to slake my thirst for old-school D&D games for whatever reason!

Right now I’m exploring the Dragon’s Eye cavern and just defeated the lizard king and freed a bunch of captured villagers, giving us enough XP to hit level 6 for most of my party members, and finding some very nice loot along the way.

Got any level 7 druids yet? That was always the coolest milestone in 2nd edition.

It’s so funny you asked that, while travelling from one end of a map to another (heading back to town to sell/re-equip/buy more Mage scrolls) I read your post and though “how far is my fighter/druid from hitting level 7 druid?” only to find that she just did and I had to click the level up button but I’m there now! Great timing.

Nice, fighter cleric is my second favorite combo, next to Ranger Clerics (before they fixed the glitch in EE)

I have temporarily set Pillars of Eternity aside. I play those type games with a mouse and I am having some hand problems right now. The problems don’t occur when using a controller so I am playing Dark Souls 3 currently with that and having no problems.

Actually my apologies, I did make a video of it to do some stream settings tests.

The reason is because they are FUCKING AWESOME.

Sadly same as last weekend… I am working all weekend, but if time permits:

And still in ACT 2 of…


Same as last weekend: Dark Souls 3, and Steamworld Heist.

I plan on finishing the main story in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey if I can, and move closer to the finish in Yakuza Kiwami 2. I might play Age of Wonders 3 in between, but what gaming time I might have depends ultimately on how much music inspiration I get this weekend. ;)

Lots of:

and maybe some:

For Space Game Junkie, I’m gonna go back to 1997 to play this mess of a thing:

And maybe some one-offs if I have time/energy.

For myself, definitely more:

Along with unlocking characters in:

And leveling up my parkour skills in:

Should be a good weekend.

More Dark Souls 3. Oh yeah.


I searched through the thread, by far the person who kept reporting they will be playing Dark Souls 3 that weekend in this thread was @Scuzz. You win the coveted Dark Souls 3 self-reporting your obsession trophy. Congratulations!

Hell yea.


Field of Glory Empires!