What will you play in the weekend?


Excellent. I have fond memories of that one. One of the more under appreciated games we published at GameTek and Take 2 were really kicking ass as developers imho. Interested to see what you think and how it has aged.


I played a bit of it back in the day, but it got pushed aside for TIE Fighter and such, sadly. Now that I’m getting more into it, I think it miiiiiiiiight be better than either TIE Fighter or Wing Commander III in a lot of ways. The story is exceptional, the voice acting is superb and the depth is astounding. The weakest part is the actual space combat, which isn’t BAD, it just isn’t GREAT like TIE Fighter.

Oh, I’m also having the lead designer/writer on the podcast next month. CAN’T WAIT.


FJ? Always struck me as a very smart guy. Will be interesting to see what he has to say!


I’ll play The Division thanks to the free weekend. Already played a bit last night, and made it as far as the mission I ran during one of the open beta weekends, the one to retrieve the doctor for the medical wing.


This weekend, there is only war.


Uh…Watchdogs 2.5…errr…2.

Some Warfighter card game.

Some Merchants and Mauraders board game.

I might have Comancheria…so that would be in the queue.

Also, some Overwatch and Skylandes Imaginators with the kid.


I will be wrapping up the main story line of Watch Dogs 2. It’s kind of grown on me the more I play it. After that I’m not sure. I’ve been thinking of trying Satellite Reign or Age of Decadence next, but I’m not sure.


Elder Scrolls Online. My altitis has kicked in. Leveling a stamDK and a magNB now. When will the madness end?

SteamWorld: Heist as well.

Trying to get into Distant Worlds: Universe. Again. I WILL learn you!


I finished Dishonored 2, so I’ll have to throw a dart at the ten gazillion games in my backlog and figure out what to play next!


I’ll have very little gaming time in the following weeks, but I’ll try to play Tales of Zestiria (I want to finish it before Tales of Berseria arrives in Jan 27th), Thea: The Awakening, Guild Wars 2, and perhaps a little bit of Total War: Warhammer.


More Elite Dangerous for me this weekend. For some reason it’s just really got its hooks in me lately. I’m trying to combine participating in a community goal with grinding for Federation rank where possible, now that I know how that works.


I am really tempted to fire this up again sometime soon (Elite Dangerous). The combat CGs always were fun for me.


Finishing up Rise of the Tomb Raider which I haven’t touched since May, at 91% so far. SSD is so full of huge size games.

Also with the 20th Anniversary update I think they added this cool looking orange and grey camo outfit.


There’s a bounty hunting CG going on right now, you should check it out.


No blog work this weekend, so very much of my weekend (and following week off) will be taken up by the holiday festivals in:

Plus probably a ton of other random goodness, plus whatever I might get on the sale that begins today, if anything.


I will play Gemcraft until we have to leave to visit family (and stuff ourselves silly we all kinds of great food).


I had to give up on EVE. It is incredibly amazing, but after being in a corp or two, I realize that I simply cannot invest the time needed to really make it worthwhile. Which is a shame.

I’m trying to go full-bore single-player strategy now, with Factorio, AoW3, and maybe Stellaris. It is rough, because my brain is wired for the MMO-style interaction.


Bummer it didn’t work out for you on Eve Online, @Daagar. I totally understand, though.

This weekend will be a strange blend of games for me, but I am just in one of these moods I guess.

I signed up for p99 Everquest for some old school pain, and a new dark elf enchanter to mess around with. I even hit level 4 yesterday, woo!

I am still tooling around in Eve Online for periods of time either doing maintenance on my PI, flying a few L4 missions, doing a bit of mining or going around exploring and running sites.

I also had an itch to get back into Wurm Unlimited when my wife expressed interest (even though I haven’t been able to get her to log in with me yet). I am just playing locally right now on my own private server I just fired up, but I bumped up the timers to x12, x5 to reduce the grind and try to get the experience of training up and building a base from scratch. I guess it is my version of Minecraft, since I never did play or get into that :). I was able to dig a mine and find some ore, kit myself out with a set of tools, work my combat skills up a bit, but now I really need a pelt to get things rolling. Then I will try to find a place to settle. Too bad this game is so crude that there isn’t much of a following as it would be super fun to make a base again with friends somewhere.


Final Fantasy 15 and Forza Horizon 3 are my current go-tos this weekend.


So many new games, so little time…

Anno 2205, Civ VI, Pre-Dynastic Egypt, and finally Human Punching Bag Simulator, err, Antihero.

Plus poking around in a couple of EA titles, Strategy And Tactics:Dark Ages and Warbands:Bushido