What will you play in the weekend?


Learning how to play: flashpoint campaigns and campaigns on the danube 1805 (both of matrix&slith).

Shenzhen solitaire.


Taking a break from ESO to play Doom, Infested Planet and Sunless Sea.


FM2017 Touch, first edition I have picked up since 2013. Nice to be able to play FM with all the bullshit they’ve been adding over the years stripped out.


Still deciding. Probably Seraph, perhaps a bit of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and hopefully Total War: Warhammer.

Also a bit of 3030 Deathwar Redux and Void Destroyer 2, if all goes well.


The Witcher 3, maybe some Europa Universalis 4. And copious board games.


Total War: Hammer here, too, along with Helldivers, I think.


Anti Hero
Hexcells (iOS)


I never heard of this - though I rather play it on iOS. Does anyone know if it will be ported over?


More Total War Warhammer co-op and Bravely Second on the 3DS, which so far is exellent!


it’s for PC (steam):


So I’ve been eying Bravely Second since I bought the new 3DS for Christmas, did you play the first one? Can you jump right into the second?


Bravely Second seems like a pretty direct sequel, but it has a fairly complete (and succinct) opening “previously on…” type of video at the top. Some of the characters so far are right from the first game, even. That said, and thanks to the recap video, one could probably safely jump into this one - the problem is if you are enjoying it, you’re skipping an RPG you would have enjoyed as the first one looks and plays pretty much just like this.


Campaigns on the Danube has an interesting mechanic where the positions of enemy units are based on what your intel says. I think it also uses couriers to get orders to units, so there is a delay in them being carried out.

For me I’ll possibly be playing Total War: Warhammer, Stellaris, FM2017, or Aoe2 HD. Or maybe I’ll finally jump in to War in the West. Or I’ll just keep playing with Clojure.


Gotten back into WARFRAME

And… well… Warframe really.


Started Shadowrun Returns during the week, so more of that.

I may get into Just Cause 3 too. I picked up the DLC bundle back on Black Friday, so I want to try that out,


For the blog, this week I plan to try and tackle:

And continue my series covering the amazing:

Plus I hope to get some time in this to prepare for an event later this month:

For myself, I hope to spend time with my currently subscribed MMOs:

Finally, I just got this since I hear it’s gotten amazing, so I plan to dive in this weekend as well:

Should be a great weekend. :)


Back to XCOM 2 to prep for the return of the Long War mod, and maybe some more Shadow Warrior 2.


In all probability, my Dwarfen empire, the groin-height heavily-armored fist of the alliance against Chaos, will prevail against the hordes in Total War: Warhammer. I’ll probably also get stuck in some in HELLDIVERS™, since we’ve finally defeated the Bugs in the current round and can switch to the other factions now.


I remembered that I own The Walking Dead: Michonne, so I’ll probably give that a go - I hear it’s short. I think I’ll also try out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, since I loved the first one so much. Need to get back to the new/old content just released for Diablo 3 too. You may note that I am not even going to pretend to get back to The Witcher 3, which is feeling more and more like a rope around my neck.


Gonna play some Diablo III and touch cows. Or not touch them. The D3 thread has me confused.