What will you play in the weekend?


Depending on the snow storm:

Hoping to try one game on my backlog

  1. Working on my WoW: Legion monk, mainly long-term goals such as pushing for my 5th legendary, going for the PvP artifact skin, and filling out my 35th artifact trait on my offspec artifacts, all in prep for 7.1.5 and Nighthold dropping next week

  2. Path of Exile – Haven’t progressed in a week or so being on vacation, would be good to get some progression in on my Witch

  3. Tyranny – Continuing my game of this. Loving the world and characters. Obsessing too much over builds and not screwing myself in the long-term as usual.

  4. Thumper – Downloaded on the Steam sale and have had fun in my initial levels. Surprisingly, it was a miss with my kids, including my guitar-hero loving daughter. She didn’t like how the game trained you by making you fail over and over until you passed a gate.


Gary Grigsby’s Bombing the Reich (old groggy air wargame)
Concealed Intent (stealthy tactical space game)
Silent Victory (the solo WW2 sim boardgame)


I just got this recently myself, just haven’t tried it yet. Can’t wait to though!


I just noodled with it some. I feel the game may be beyond my limited intelligence. It is a pretty complex beast. At leats its learning curve is steep, very steep :)


How’s the manual?


No idea. I should probably read that. :)


Sounds like me.


I love PDFs that you can email yourself and read via Kindle. So far this is a great manual. Game looks lovingly complex. I love how you can play the campaign for just a say, a week, a month or the whole thing. That should help with learning.

Maybe we can take this over to the wargaming thread if you wanna keep talking about it. ;-)

Oh and I realize what I have is Eagle Day to Bombing The Reich, the mix of both games that Matrix sells.


Yeha me too. I took another crack , actually this is not so bad. Just make mission, assign planes. Get er done.

My only real beef is the game gets real slow and unresponsive. which is weird for an older game.


I’ll play some more Forza Horizon 3 for sure, and probably some Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I’m also meaning to try Ashes of Singularity: Escalation.


The anniversary update for Diablo 3 sucked me back in, so I may try to get my last two characters up to 70, get the last couple of achievements (Xbox achievements, not Blizzard’s in-game ones; I’m not a masochist).

Also may jump into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided like I intended to last weekend, but realistically Diablo and the playoffs will probably prevent that.


I visited a friend the other day. They were playing Darkest Dungeon, which I haven’t touched since I beat it. I saw there were a few things going on I’d never seen such as antiquarians and town events. Last night I decided to fire up my copy and start a new game. Just to take a look. Then I played a few missions, just to see what played differently. Of course then I had to upgrade the stagecoach to get some new characters. And then I needed some money to upgrade a few characters, and then to buy a few trinkets, and then to . . . .



Most likely I will be spending time on my season 9 monk in Diablo 3.


With a three day weekend coming up, I’ve got time to do two series for next week. The first is by request (many requests):

The second is because it’s about to be released on Steam, is my favorite spacey RTS (possibly my favorite RTS of all time) and I realized I’d never covered it:

For myself, I plan to get some more time in with:

Should be a good weekend. :)


Probably Diablo 3, my s09 Monk just hit 70 and I’ve almost unlocked season journey chapter 4. Need to smash through the anniversary dungeon on a fresh character as well.

Beyond that, maybe Elite Dangerous and another round of Flash Point Fire Rescue. Pretty similar to last weekend!


ESO and Diablo3. With lashings of Rim World and others.


Gonna keep playing Alien: Isolation. It’s a hoot. I also started XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which seems like something I should have started a few years ago when I bought it.


Final Fantasy XIII-2, mostly - I may even finish the story this weekend, hopefully. If I do, I may start with Lightning Returns immediately after. I’ll most likely play a bit of Guild Wars 2 as well, and perhaps a bit of SPAZ 2 now that a big update came out.


Still working my way through Divinity EE, where has this game been all my life (except for the inventory, yuck!)