What will you play in the weekend?


Diablo 3.

Should probably play something else as well, but… there’s just too many titles that demand attention… diablo 3 is the easy way out…


(Maybe I can borrow this thread and turn it into a diary/blog…)

Today I’ll continue SteamWorld Heist. I’ll try to play faster, because I notice I spend a lot of time planning movement in this 2D platform xcom. If I don’t, I’ll never get to the other games I started last weekend. I’ll also mess around with KotOR, trying to map the PS4 controller to play it (courtesy of the Steam Beta’s added native controller support).

I started Treasure Planet last weekend, and ran into a bug where the game hates your super modern 1000 polls/second mouse, plus a second bug/workaround that caused me to skip the tutorial and start at the first level right away. If I can find an older mouse I’ll try it again.

I also started Unity of Command, and was wondering why the 1st level is so lopsidedly easy with hardly any opposition units, and failed to make objective in time. Got some learning to do!


I am playing Chaser. Slovakian FPS from 2003. It is by far the worst piece of shit I have ever had the displeasure of playing. Worst game ever. Here, have a screenshot:


I distinctly recall having that from some bargain bin like in 2004-ish and hearing it wasn’t bad, but I could never get the damn thing to install. Some weird incompatibility would just hang the installer every time and I just gave up eventually.

Am I crazy to think that was like some super early Techland game? To the Googles!

Edit - Turned out the Techland one I also played was Chrome. The titles blurred in my head.


Chrome was impressive in that it was made entirely in Java if I remember correctly; it also had a pretty nice engine for its time.


I’ve been playing around a bit with latest release of Mental Omega, the only Red Alert 2 mod that matters. It’s neat but has so much new content that it’s hard to wrap your head around it all. It also doesn’t help that I’ve apparently gotten really, really bad at Red Alert 2.


I have a steam version from some bundle and it works well, technically. Crash here and there, but I finished it.

It was the worst game I have ever played. The level design is just…mindblowingly bad:

Everyone, go play it so I am not the only one with PTSD!


As did I. I love the song the band is playing in Lola’s bar. I actually stopped playing for a bit to just listen to it on headphones. This game is really full of cool stuff.


Ouch. That really looks worse than anything I’ve ever seen. Why do this to yourself though!? Did you loose a bet or something!?


I played it at the time. I commend you for your dedication :) Unless that was Chrome.


It was a bet/dare, yes :)


New characters in Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot and continuing to rebuild my settlement in Wurm Unlimited (Mythmoor).




Not gonna have a ton of time since I’m going to some big march tomorrow. For the blog I plan to cover:

For myself, I plan to spend more time with:

To try and get more competent at it, because it’s damned fun. Also a bunch more time with:

And a few missions in:

Should be a good weekend. :)


Wow, I had no idea DAoC was still operational. It’s still $10/$15 a month?


Probably Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and maybe Total War: Warhammer or Thea: The Awakening.


I just dropped off my lovely wife at the airport for her flight to DC for the march, and the weekend is my own but for a little local marching tomorrow morning.

I’ll try Stars in Shadow and maybe a little Imperium Galactica to see what all the fuss was about.




Good question! I would have to double check the price, but yeah still operational. My wife and I go back every so often and many times just mess around in the lower level battlegrounds :).


Eternal Card Game, ESO, Rim World and the updated Marvel Heroes if they fix their server issues.