What will you play in the weekend?


Maybe a little more of The Division but I’m mostly done until 1.6 hits. Probably finish up the latest Living Story episode in Guild Wars 2, some more Shiren the Wanderer: Stuff and starting in on another ARPG – likely either Grim Dawn or Marvel Heroes.


Let me know if you need help or anything. ;)


My weekend gaming plan right now is to see if I find something that grabs me as thoroughly as Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which I finished last night.


What will I play? Anything to distract myself from how hard the US is boned for the next few years.

This afternoon: installing Windows 10 on my new hardware test bed, updating it, then running Prime95 and such on it.
Otherwise, maybe I’ll install Homefront: the Revolution and pretend I’m winning the city back from Putin’s invasion forces.



I have no idea why.

I tried it recently thinking after a few hours Id be sick of it, but for whatever reason, I continue to play.


Going to finish off Uncharted 1.


I’ve done some variation of official or unofficial classic servers about three times since I quit it the first time around. I totally get it; it’s got a pull that the more modern MMOs (and games in general, really) just don’t have.

That said, I’ve been on a Guild Wars 2 kick lately, so I’ll probably do a bunch of that this weekend. I’m also playing Gems of War in mobile-friendly situations. Maybe something else if I’ve got the time, but that will be chosen via Steam Library Roulette.


NIOH beta.

Some Terraforming Mars and Comancheria on the game table.

Work and Football also.


Stars in Shadow, Command & Colors - The Great War, and Twilight Struggle


what is your opinion about command & colors? more exciting than the other hexwar games?


Yes yes … most likely Diablo 3 again. Love it! :)

Though I do have a group assembling for a little Flashpoint Fire Rescue today so that should be fun. That will probably involve some Oculus Rift demoing as well.

In the gaps I’ll be on the 3DS with Pocket Card Jockey and Puzzles & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition.


I’ve been playing A Tale in the Desert quite a lot. Stop judging me.

Otherwise this weekend I will squeeze in trying out Urban Empire, melting demon faces in Diablo 3 and wishing I still had a 3DS.


How excited do you get over a board game with cards and dice?


in principle yes :-)


It’s released in better shape than a lot of the Hexwar games, I’ll give it that. Although I did run into a bug where a combat card I played refused to work. I’m still enjoying the game, although I wouldn’t call it “exciting”.


Is there a release date for the next one?


This morning wife and daughter are out so I’m playing Lord of the Rings: the Card Game solo at the kitchen table while blasting the soundtrack from the Peter Jackson movies.


Nothing has been announced yet. I’ll post about it in the Guild Wars 2 thread as soon as I know of anything, though.


Antihero , I have 9 active games right now! :D


Diablo 3