What will you play in the weekend?


Suddenly Astroneer.




Thanks for the offer but I only needed to finish up the final quest – which I did this afternoon. Now to wait for Chapter 4 :)


I finished Alien: Isolation last night, and I’m giving Pillars of Eternity another try with a different character and lower difficulty.


This weekend should be mostly about Tales of Berseria (I really enjoyed the hour or so I’ve played so far). I might play a bit of Lightning Returns or Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, though. And I’ll do my dailies in Guild Wars 2 as usual.


Working sadly… But I’ll get a few rounds of Antihero in!


Started Grim Dawn last weekend and it has its hooks into me good. Doubt I’ll touch much else.


Witcher 3 and Twilight Struggle. Reaching the end of the Bloody Baron line, no reason to not keep pushing.


Yes! Welcome to the converted. I went from being highly skeptical (since I was not a Titan Quest fan) to currently thinking that Grim Dawn is the best ARPG ever made.


I picked up the first Tomb Raider for PS4 during last week’s Flash Sale, so I expect to be spending more time playing it as I learn the backstory before heading on the Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I bought during a Black Friday deal. These deals are killing me!


Lots to do this weekend. Need to play For Honor to see if I like it (not so far) and get to a stopping point in Bayonetta before Nioh.


President Weasel 7


I finally sat down and finished up Dragon Quest: Builders last night so time to put that one down. I need to get back to leveling up my PS4 Division agent so I can do some meaningful co-op with @merryprankster. Other than that I’m sure there will be more Rimworld and Overwatch. Plus I’ve been having fun kicking around in Fallout 4 again and I’ve also been wanting to pick back up with my Titan in Destiny.


DCS: Viggen. Looking forward to some lovely low-altitude strike flying.


Well it’s the new year and I have to do babysitting, so maybe not as much gaming as I’d like. But I’m about half way through the Dark Souls 2 DLC and most of the way through Stephen’s Sausage Roll, it would be nice to finish at least one of them.


Should be a decent weekend. For the blog, I’m gonna try to play this:

I’m gonna play this to prep for next week’s podcast:

And I’m gonna stream a bunch of this on Sunday!

For myself, I’m gonna do some missions in this (to get gud):

And likely a mission or two of this:

Should be a good weekend!


Got started with Mass Effect 3 which I never got round to. Hopefully get a bit further with that.


I finally picked up a copy of Planescape: Torment and I’m making my way through that. So far, so good!


I’ll probably play some more of Homefront the Revolution and Elite Dangerous. And the “apply new thermal paste and reseat the heatsink and fan” game on my new i7 6700 processor (the first time I had to lift it off and people tell me that’s a good way to get air bubbles in there), so I can test it properly.


Working my way through games I bought over the holidays. Currently: Batman the Telltale Series.