What will you play in the weekend?


Gonna play some Diablo III (not sure I can stop myself). Also Minos Strategos is out today, so I’ll be trying that.


Ooooh, boy. Stick with it to the end, because it’s so worth it.


That seems likely. Torment Tides of Numenara looks just better and better every time I see it, so my goal is to play through Torment before that drops next month. And from the 3 hours I’ve put in so far it’s a no-brainer. I already want the work day to end so I can get back to my PC. :)


Picked up a Vita this week - mostly because my PSP is dying and I still have a huge backlog for it - so also got Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Persona 4 Golden along with a few more PSOne classics I didn’t own or hadn’t played before (Suikoden 2, Persona 2, Breath Of fire 3 & 4).

So I guess it will be a JRPG weekend! But which one???


If you like Roguelikes at all I highly recommend the latest Shiren.


@BrianRubin is that top one Aurora?

I’ll be blowing things up with my Monk in Diablo 3.


Sigh, it sure is. Playing it by request.


Why do you take requests from people who clearly hate you?


At one point I was trying to read this Let’s play about it over at somethingawful:



I dunno. I’m doing a multi-hour stream before playing it, so I might claim “exhaustion”.



Although I should probably just spend time reading about Azure.


That’s the best, most entertaining thing to ever come out of Aurora, and taught me that I never need to play it.


I heard Michael Zenke (sp?) and another guy discussing Aurora and Distant Worlds:Universe on Three Moves Ahead a while back and what I heard about Aurora had me saying NOPE! in record time. In contrast what I heard about DW:U’s level of automation was pretty encouraging.


Michael Hermes, and it was last weeks show. Michael Zenke is part of the GWJ crew on occasion.


Is the stream you mention here the Jumpgate one on Sunday, or a different one?


Sweet. Let’s play some Division!

Other than that I plan to play some Lootbox this weekend in hopes of getting some sweet rooster skins!


Indeed Jumpgate, yes! Can’t wait!



If there’s time after that, I’m getting some VR miles in Assetto Corsa and DCS World (probably MiG-15), and on the table a game of Legendary Encounters.


Eternal Card Game has me in its spell. Astroneer and Dig or Die are surprisingly addictive. And as always ESO.


I ended up playing Neverwinter NIghts Online a lot yesterday instead of my planned Warframe. Looks like Neverwinter gets you more ‘viewers’ on Twitch than Warframe from the looks of it :)